Thursday, July 1, 2010

Complete failure of political leadership in Kashmir

The strife-torn state of Jammu and Kashmir has again been thrown into the
throes of violence. It is on boil and reminds of 21 years’ back incidents of
secession and anti-national activities. Thousands of youths have come out on the streets in atleast three districts-
Sopore, Baramulla and Anantnag against the security forces. The CRPF are
doing a commendable job there and they are fighting on multi-pronged fronts.
The message that the politicians are not giving among the general Kashmiris ,
especially unemployed youths, that they are here for the safety of our lives and
property from the militants sent into the state. But the politicians irrespective
of political affiliations have always failed on this most important front that
goes into the benefit of our hostile neighbour. The CRPF men are doing their job in a very tough terrain to protect the state of
Jammu and Kashmir. On the one hand they have to keep strict vigil on
infiltration from across the border and indigenous militants. The separatist
leaders of all factions of Hurriyat have already been dancing at the tunes of
agents to foment trouble in the Valley . Some of the Hurriyat leaders are allegedly the paid agent of Pakistan. It has
always been on look out to create upsurge in Jammu and Kashmir so that its
military and notorious Inter- Services Intelligence (ISI) could infiltrate
militants stealthily in large numbers. For this, they keep the different factions
of Hurriyat in good humour with money , arms and ammunition. Three more youtIhs were killed when CRPF allegedly opened fire during
clashes with protestors in Anantnag as violence spread to south Kashmir and
more towns in the valley were put under curfew. With Anantnag’s deaths, eight teenaged boys have lost their lives in the last
five days in incidents of fetal shootings involving security forces escalating
the tense situation in the Valley. In all, 11 youths have died in the last three
weeks during clashes between protestors and security forces.Government has rightly said there are reliable reports to suggest that
anti-national elements are trying to exploit the situation in Jammu and
Kashmir. Some militants may also have sneaked into the valley to trigger
violence. Pakistan based Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) is active in Kashmir and they
play major roles in creating and escalating violence.Union Home Minister has rightly made an appeal to the people of Jammu and
Kashmir to stand by the state government and help the state government in
restoration of law and order.The people of Jammu and Kashmir must reflect on the nature of the challenge
faced by the security forces. The need of the hour is that political leaders of all
hues should make concerted effort to bring back the situation to normalcy.

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