Monday, July 26, 2010

CBI's noose tightening

At last, Ex-Gujarat Minister of state for Home and closest aid of Chief Minister Narendra Amit Shah surrendered before the CBI amidst fanfare by his party workers. He was remanded to 13-days of judicial custody for his alleged invovement in the killing of alleged terrorist in fake encounter . He has moved to the court and date for hearing is on Agust 2. But the noose is tightening around him with the Ex- Gujarat DSP turning as approver.The Gujarat riots were were horrendous. They became more terrifying when state government became one-sided for making strong political base by polarising the majority community against the minority under the supervision of none other than the Chief Minister . The senseless Gujarat riots turned out to be a on the secular fabric of the nation. They also invited castigation from all corners of the world. Amit Shah had been very close to the Chief Minister and holding very important portfolio of Home. The government of Gujarat totally failed to protect the life and property of the Muslim community and Hindu Chauvinists were left free to go on rampage. It appeared that as they were free for all and government functioning has come to a standstill. This gave rise to the suspicion about government’s culpability in the mass murder of minority muslims. Not only all the secular minded people of the country condemned the Gujarat riots but also the entire international community and India’s strong root of secularism was shaken. Even the Prime of India at that time Atal Behari Vajpayee had advised the Party Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi to follow ‘ Rajdharm’. But the right wing BJP did not follow his advice to be carried out and Modi continued to rule till today. In the aftermath of Gujarat riots, assembly election was held in the state and BJP under the leadership of CM Naraendra Modi returned to power with thumping majority and CM was called at that time Hindu Hriday Samrath. Under a well-conspired political game, the Hindu majority was polarised and instigated with full-backing from state against the Muslim minority as they were painted as anti-nationals. The Police machinery of the state was working completely for RSS, the doting parent of BJP, and had become a party in the riots against the Muslims. In the given situation, any impartial investigation was very difficult to be carried out . With the handing over of riot-related cases to the CBI, the investigation started tenuously and reached to the alleged main conspirator Ex-Gujarat Minister of State for Home Amit Shah. When the Court ordered the CBI to file chargesheet against Shah for his involvement in the murder of Sohrabuddin and his wife Kauserbi, who were deliberately and falsely labelled as dreaded Pakistan-based terrorists, in state - staged fake encounter. The Justice must be delivered and deterrent punishment must be given to all those guilty in Gujarat riots. Because it tarnished the secular fabric of the nation.Though CBI is not an autonous body and it works under Prime Minister’s Office, it does not mean that it acts in a biased way to serve the interest of the ruling party. Amit Shah has said that he is innocent and described charges against him as fabricated and politically motivated. But the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has rightly said the CBI is not Congress Bureau of Investigation. Guilty, howsoever powerful, must be brought to justice and rule of law must prevail.

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