Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Govt's failure to check inflation

The Opposition parties of all hues have legitimate right to ask the government why they are unable to rein in soaring prices. For the last one year, inflation is rising without any control. Govt only continued to give assurances that it will be checked by this month or that month. It has miserably failed on the front of reining in prices of essential commodities and edibles. Opposition parties are doing no wrong in moving the adjournment motion as it is their democratic right and the UPA government has become deaf to people cry over the rising prices. UPA Govt must not deny the democratic and constitutional right available with the Oppn.Adjournment motion calls for voting and if it sailed through, government would have to resign. The issue of price rise is a matter of serious concerns of all sections of the people. Common people are hit hard by the unabated price rise of all commodities. It is ridiculous why Congress says that it is prepared to discuss all issues, including price rise on the one hand and says it a non-issue on the other. It shows the insensitivity of Congress-led United Progressive Alliance government-headed by Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh. The price rise is the burning issue of the common poor people whose backs have been broken by sky-rocketing prices of all essential commondities, especially edible items.The slogan of the Congress-led UPA government of being with poor common men is nothing but fraud on them. Congress has done expertise to mislead the common men on the issue, which has been caused by its wrtong economic policies. One of its spokespersons have reportedly said on a TV news channel that the issue of price rise has been dicussed thrice in the past and Cut motion moved by the Opposition have already failed through. Does it mean that in democracy once the political party is elected to power for five years will do whatever it likes, leaving the common poor people in pain. UPA -2 has completely failed to check inflation and continued to raise the prices of petroleum products at very short intervals, which have cascading effect on prices of all commodities.As Congress is expert in floor management during the voting on the motion, the Opposition must maintain rock like unity and do so till the UPA government bends in.

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