Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bihar CM's opposition to Narendra Modi may break their alliance

The rift between JD (U) and BJP has refused to die down and it is bound to erupt before the assembly elections and they are in all likelihood to face Bihar assembly elections separately if any political message is to be inferred from BJP's invitation to Narendra Modi for capaining there. With BJP upping its ante by inviting Narendra Modi , Chief Minister of Gujarat and one of the veteran leaders of the party, it has openly gone against the wishes of its oldest ally JD (U) in Bihar where the both are running the coalition government for the last four years. JD (U) promptly registered its annoyance over BJP's invititation to Modi for campaigning in Bihar. In Nitish-Kumar-led coalition government , JD (U) is a senior partner and behaves in the same way that goes against BJP’s temperament because it feels that it being a national opposition party it must not be dictated by the state level political party.Two weeks ago, the rift between the two allies became so serious that it hogged the national headlines for days. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar cancelled dinner for the BJP top leaddership in Patna after he came to know about the advertisement showing him holding the hands of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi in Patna dailies during BJP Executive Committee meeting there. Nitish Kumar has run the government successfully in Bihar and brought the state back on the rail , which had been derailed during the 15 years of Lalu-Rabri duo regime from 1990 to 2005. He in his four years of rule registered allround development of Bihar and made a strong votebank for the party. Undoubtedly, his stature as a politician has become bigger. Now he feels that his association with BJP belittles his professed secular politics, which he wants to keep safe. That is why he objects to to BJP leader like Modi for campaigning in the state of Bihar, which has always stood in favour of upholding secular values.BJP's invitation to Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi to campaign in Bihar is a move that is sure to be a red rag to the JD(U) and may revive a bitter clash between the two coalition partners ahead of the assembly elections.JD (U) and BJP may again show the facade of unity but the cracks that had already appeared in their alliance can not keep them together for a long time and Bihar assembly elections would their their flashpoint. Nitish Kumar is going from strength to strength while BJP is dwindling due due its internal bickering at the central level. Ntish Kumar can not lose his secular credential at any cost and his any longer association with BJP in given political scenario in Bihar where his arch rival and RJD supremo has already established his unquestioned secular identity will imperil his high political ambition. So, it all likelihood that JD will remove BJP tag from its fabric before the assembly elections in Bihar.

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