Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Prepare clear cut strategy to deal with maoists

To deal with maoist menace, evolution of political unanimity is a must. There must be one voice among political parties, which have faith in parliamentary democracy irrespective of their political affiliations, to deal with this biggest problem of the day . But here even there is no unanimity on among ruling establishment on the issue. Naxalism is going from strength to strength and our political parties are engaged in political blame game to score point over each other. There are reports that some political parties in the naxal-hit states are dependent on maoists for their support during the elections time. If the maoists refuse to shun violence and continue their wanton killings of security forces and innocent common people to create havoc, the army must be deputed in the naxal-hit states to crush them. They need to be dealt with sternly and would have to abide by the law of the land.Union Home Minister P Chidambram should be given all round support in fighting the maoists to finish. In view of the growing naxal violence, Home Ministry has rightly convened the meeting of Naxal-hit states. If Naxalism adhere to the faith in Mao Tsung's view that power flows from the barrel of the gun and have no faith in parliamentary democracy, Centre must not hesitate in deploying army in naxal-infested regions of the country after detailed discussions with the CMs of those states , which have been hard-hit by naxal violence.On the one hand Union Home Minister is reportedly in favour of deploying Army in Naxal-hit states as the CRPF and state police forces have been found lacking in fighting the maoist menace to finish, there is open opposition to his move in the government on the other. Naxalism is getting stronger and stronger under the cover of poor tribals. It is its facade to uplit them economically. While the ground reality tells altogether a different story. Naxals only exploit and mislead them to support their gun culture. They extort government officials and compel them to give development projects meant for tribal population to them on contract. They siphone off government money and no development project is undertaken. That is why the tribal aeas remain under-developed and backward, giving rise to discontent among tribals with the government. Naxals impress upon them that they are figting against the government for only their development and as they are innocent people, they are easily misled. To put before the tribals clearly as to what is the government doing for their development, there is necessary for the political class irrespective of political affiliations to awaken them to the reality. As far as the question of deployment of army in naxal-hit areas is concerned, the government has already made it clear that there is no immediate need to deploy them in Maoist-hit regions and Home ministry is of view that it could take nearly seven years to get rid of the menace. As far as maoist menace is concerned, it needs immediate attention of the government. Any laxity on its part will cost dearly. Maoists carry out mayhem of CRPF wilfully. And the government appears helpless. Our intelligence agency also needs to be overhauled as they have failed badly in getting information about naxal violence before, resulting in the butchery of CRPF personnel and train passengers time to time. Untill and unless the Centre takes stringent steps against maoist menace, it can not be fought successfully as it does not understand civilians' language.

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