Monday, June 28, 2010

Good beginning, but no result

The crux of India’s problem with Pakistan is the issue of terrorism. Despite assurance given by Pakistan to India umpteen time that it will act against terror outfits operating against India from its soil, it does nothing and terrorism is being sponsored into Jammu and Kashmir and eleswhere in India to creat mayhem and destablisation continuosly. Several rounds of talks have been held between the two neighbours on all outstanding issues, including Jammu and Kashmir in the past at the highest levels also, but no results have come out of them rather after every talk between the two there has been terror attack in India at Pak’s instigation. This is the first time after Mumbai attack of 26/11 that the talks at ministerial level have been held in so cordial atmosphere that reflect that keep talking would help understand each other and that there is no alternative to continuous involvement in talks between the two. After the Mumbai attack, all channels of connections were broken. India’s main demand on Pakistan is to bring LeT founder and J-U-D boss Hafiz Sayeed and all others involved in Mumbai attacks, who are at large in Pakistan, to book. Hafiz Sayeed is openly spitting venom against India and always talks of ruining it. But instead of taking any action against him, Pakistan shows its helpness and says that in democracy the government can stop not freedom of speech as happens in India in democracy. It is its lame excuse. This posture regarding Hafiz Sayeed makes any talks between the two neighbours meaningless. The warmth shown by Pakistani counterpart of P Chidanbram is good and reflects that Pak atleast wants to show its mentor- the US- under whose pressure it was eager to start the process of talks to establish peaceful and friendly relations with India. Though talks between Union Home Minister P Chidambram and Pakistan Home Minister Rahman Malik are a good beginning, but reining in mastermind of the Mumbai attacks LeT founder Hafiz Saeed must be prerequisite from Indian side to make them meaningful. Both met on the occasion of the conference of Saarc home minister in Islamabad. Undoubtedly, Pakisatan is under US pressure to talk reasonably with India and this is the prime reason that it reflected sincerity and seriousness to act against terrorism, the epicentre of which is in Pakistan itself, though Pakistan itself is under terror attack.Home Minister P Chidambaram has rightly said that India wants more action from Pakistan against those involved in the Mumbai terror attacks and expressed confidence of a positive outcome in the matter after his meeting with his counterpart Rehman Malik. He has also rightly said that India believes that more people were behind the attacks and more people should be prosecuted. The talk between Home of Minister India and his Pakistani counterpart has been described as good and both have identified what needs to be done other than what has already been done. Realising the past experiences, India must not relax in vigilance against any mischief from across the border.

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