Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Relieve Pawar of Agri- Ministry

Nationalist Congress Party Chief and Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar has requested Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh to reduce his burden. Apart from Ariculture, he has been burdened with Food and Civil Supplies portfolio. Agriculture Ministry is itself very big and one of the most important ministries. It needs to be run by a full-time politician. Mr. Pawar has also become President of International Cricket Council (ICC) recently. As cricket has huge money and glamour, he is inclined to be involved with its administration and give time to his party organisation. He has also political interest in lessening his own burden so that he could get time to train her daughter NCP MP Supriya Sule to fit into his shoes when the suitable time comes. But despite Pawar's all his personal political and cricket interest, it is praiseworthy that he has urged PM to ease his burden in government on his own, though he has been a failure as Agriculture Minister. Now-a-days among political class, there are a few examples where we have found that politician himsef has realised that he is not doing justice to his responsiblity . As agriculture is the most important and heaviest ministry, it requires to be paid very serious attention. Still, 85 percentage of population depends on agriculture and it plays vital role nation’s economy . Sharad Pawar wants more time for his party and International Cricket Council, and other matters.He has been a seasoned politician and represented in Assembly and Parliament for 44 years and about 25 years in the government. The time has naturally come for him to be relieved if he is not doing well with ministerial business properly and sincerely. Because of his inept handling of Agriculture ministry, the poor people are crying in pain under growing of food inflation. PM must induct a grass root politician to head the agriculture ministry so that he could prepare strategy to deal with food inflation, facing the country.

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