Saturday, July 24, 2010

International presence indispensable in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a war-torn country. The out-lawed Taliban regime was thrown out by the US and since then its security forces are deployed there to maintain peace and security and help civilian government of Hamid Karzai stablise the situation . Afghan President Hamid Karzai is himself very enthusiatic of taking full control of the situation there. It can only be possible with the full backing of international community. Untill and unless the rule of law is established in all corners of the country and Taliban elements are rooted out, there is dire need of international presence there. As far as the US decision to pull out troops from Afghanistan by July 2011 is concerned, it is a premature decision. If that happens, whatever has been acheived would prove to be a wastage of time and resources in addition to the failure of American design of establishing peace and development there. India supports the presence of international security forces in Afghanistan as long as the situation on the ground is completely normal and reconstruction of the nation is not complete. India whole-heartedly help Afghanistan in its reconstruction and it has also sacrificed its citizens involved in various development projects as they were killed by Pak-trained militants. The withdrawal of international forces will give free space to Pakistan to create the field of mischief once again there. And all exercises of the US will come to nothing. Again the Taliban and Al-Qaeda elements would take root, posing danger to international peace. The US decision to withdraw troops by 2011 appears to be under an secrete agrrement with Pakistan. Because Pakistan is eager to have free hand in Afghanistan and in return it would fight against Taliban and Al-Qaeda to the satisfaction of the US. Afghanistan is a close friend of India and its growing relations with it is an eye-sore to Pakistan. It would never tolerate free hand to Pakistan , which is against India's geo-strategic interest.With the US having announced that it will begin pulling out its troops from Afghanistan from July 2011, India has rightly said that international presence in the war-torn country was needed for a much longer time.The US Envoy on Afghanistan and Pakistan Holbrooke, who has met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to give his assessment of the situation in Afghanistan, said India has a vitally important role to play in the peace and stability in Afghanistan and insisted that the US was not trying to diminish that scope. It is required on US to always speak in one voice. As President Karzai wants to stay India in Afghanistan with man and resources to help reconstruct the country completely to he takes full control of it by 2014.

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