Tuesday, July 27, 2010

India’s charge against ISI vindicated

With the revelation by the non-profit website Wikileaks in its Afghan War Diary, no one should be in any doubt about ISI has been instrumental in instigating and mobilising Taliban with money to attack Indian installations in Afghanistan. India’s belief that Pakistan is the puppet master behind attack on Indian assets in Afghanistan has been proved correct. It is has also been reported by the website that among the 91,000 secret US documents released by substantiate all the charges made against ISI .Its earlier reports also confirm that Pakistan was the main motivator behind attacks on the Indian embassy in Kabul on July 7, 2008 and on other Indian targets. The website has also revealed that the Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) offered the Taliban $15,000-30,000 to kill Indian contractors in Afghanistan. ISI was under Pakistan Army Chief General Pervez Ashfaq Kayani during the period between 2004-2007 on whom the US depends very much to fight against terrorism. General Kayani has got also the extention of 3 years in an unprecented manner as Chief of the Pakistan Army.American officials often praise Kayani for what they call his efforts to purge the military of officers with ties to militants. Presently, the most ridiculous thing is that according to US Envoy Hallbrooke, General Kayani is playing a vital role in talks with Afghanistan. Though he has also said reportedly that India has a strategic interest and that will be taken into account. As far as India’s interest in Afghanistan is concerned, it must be ready to protect it with all might at its disposal. Pakistan would always try to single out India of Afghanistan and make it a playing ground to breed terrorism and target India. Taliban at the behest of ISI continue to attack US and India in Afghanistan. The embassy attack was conceived months in advance and executed at the behest of the ISI.On November 18, 2007, US intelligence submitted a report which said that ISI gave order to conduct attacks against Indian consulships in Jalalabad, Kabul, Herat, Kandahar and Mazar-e-Sharif.If one leaked report is anything to go by, India must not rely on US that Pakistan is doing very good job in Afghanistan by holding talks there under the leadeship of its Army Chief General Kayani. Indians throughout Afghanistan were targets. A report indicated attacks against civil engineers and workers building roads in Nimruz province are being planned.In one particular case, it was reported that the ISI ordered Serajuddin Haqqani to eliminate Indian nationals working in Afghanistan”. It also warned that the Taliban planned to kidnap doctors, engineers and labourers.On April 12 that year, two Border Roads Organisation personnel were killed and seven injured in a suicide bombing in Nimruz. On February 26 this year, two Kabul guesthouses used by the Indian government were targeted.India must always keep itself prepared to meet any challenge thrown from any corner at it in a beifitting manner. Afghanistan has been a very good friend of India. As India has been enjoying very cordial relations with Afghans, it must provide all kinds of help in their reconstruction work and till the Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai takes full control of the country by 2014, it must stay there with all preparedness. We must understand that the US must not take into account right or wrong where its own interest clashes. If its interest is in Pakistan’s prominence in Afghanistan, it will never take into account India’s strategic interest there. Though Pakistan dismissed these charges as baseless and skewed the leaked US intelligence reports that accused its Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency of supporting Taliban fighters, the ground reality which reflects the complicity of ISI with Taliban against India and US on the instruction of Pak military establishment speak altogether a different story. The situation on the ground in Afghanistan calls on US not to be misled by Pakistan again and again and put everything into rooted out the vestiges of Taliban and other terror elements from there.

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