Saturday, July 10, 2010

India deserves its rightful place in UNSC

India must be granted its rightful place on the world state to give it a permanent seat in the reformed United nations Security Council to make it reflective of the ground realities of the world in the present day. India being the largest democracy with more than One thosand crore of population deserves in all respects to have a permanant membership of UNSC. India represents the wishes and aspirations of democratic countries in Asia. In addition to that it is also an emerging global economy. It is also only second to another Asian giant China in population. The growing relationship with the world's sole superpower the US on the basis of mutual respect and co-operation and vibrant largest democracy of the world, the US must support India's claim of a permanent seat in UNSC openly. As the UN has been reduced to a puppet in its hands, its support would matter most. India has rightly pressed for a seat in the revamped UN Security Council. On the basis of its being the world’s largest democracy, it cannot be kept out of the most important organ of the international body. According Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma ,there has been no change. That is not reflective of what the global realities are. The composition must mirror the present reality. As far as the change in UNSC is concerned, only China was given the seat in 1971. Addressing the Lee Kuan Yew Public Policy School on his second day of official visit to Singapore , Sharma has rightly highlighted the economic strength of emerging economies, and particularly singled out India’s position as it is important to take into consideration the 24 African countries that have gained independence after the council was formed in 1945. The largest democracy in this planet must not be out of UNSC. If we Indians are not there, how can we call it democratic and representative. India has wide support from all over the world. Malaysia, Singapore and the European Union supports India’s place on the UNSC, he pointed out. In the prevailing world situation, not even a single decision should be taken with India. It deserves in every respect under the present scenarion with fast changing economy, India's participation on world affairs is a must. The shift is taking place, economically 60 per cent of global growth is coming from Asia. In term of Gross Domestic Product capacity, Asian GDP growth would be equal to EU and US by 2013. If the International Monetary Fund (IMF) statistics should be taken into consideration, India throws a very tough challenge even to the western powers as economic growth is considered.


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