Saturday, July 31, 2010

Corruption charges encircling CWG

Amidst much fanfare, the preparations for Commonwealth Games to be held in Delhi in two months from now have been allegedly engulfed by corruption. The CVC report indicts irregularity and malpractices in giving contract bids. Delhi government keeps announcing that the preparations for games will be completed in time and CWG will be a grand success. Every one likes to be a grand Commonwealth Games in Delhi. But the ground reality tells altogether a different story.The series of corruption charges in preparations of CWG reportedly made by none other than CVC is damning. Primarily, Organising Committee, Delhi government MCD, NDMC and different other agencies of the City government and finally the Central government.Commonwealth Games organising committee chairman and IOA president Suresh Kalmadi’s role is not above suspicion. There is no doubt that Organising Committee of Commonwealth Games is autonomous and the government can not interefere with it. Kalmadi washes hands off reports of corruption in construction contracts. He has reacted after a CVC report pointed at rampant corruption in the construction of stadia. Kalmadi has hit back saying that it was not his headache as he was not involved in construction. The Central Vigilance Committee (CVC) reportedly cites instances of corrupt practices in awarding stadium construction contracts to companies. Several media reports clearly points at rampant corruption in the contracts. The CWG Organising Committee has repeatedly said that they were not responsible for the building of the stadia or anywhere involved in the contracts of the Commonwealth Games. CEO of CGF, Mike Hooper, has reportedly said that if there were allegations they should be investigated. Article 20 of CGF Constitution states that the Organising Committee, the Host Government and Host City are jointly responsible for organising and staging the Commonwealth Games for all committments related to the organisation and staging of the Games. The question here arises that when the Organising Committee is overall responsible for holding the CWG in Delhi and it washes its hands of all corruption charges and delay in preparations, how could it possible that being the head it can escape responsibilities. The recent revelation of corruption charges is that 25000 pound was transferred to the account UK little known company AK Film reportedly with the consent of OC. Suresh Kalmadi has to give answer and he can not hide himself behing the autonomy cover. Preparation for the Commonwealth Games must go on fast but the corruption chareges must be investigated thoroughly and whoever is faound guilty must be punished stringently as tax payers' money in involved in CWG preparations. Successful holding of CWG will raise national prestige.

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