Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Landmark judgement

The death awarded to five honour killers by Karnal
District and Sessions court in Haryana is a landmark
judgement against the tradition bound Khap (caste)
Jat society. The court has delivered this landmark
judgement in honour killing case because the bride
and the groom were of the same leneage and wedlocked
in 2007. It was against the norms and tradition of
Khap society.The khap Jat society enraged at their marriage and
held a panchayat meeting to decided the social
boycott of bride and groom’s family and to conspire
to kill them. Groom family members were against the
marriage and they reportedly initiated the conspiracy
with full support of the panchayat chief to kill them
as the marriage was against their wishes and they
described it also as against their social norms. Khap
society panchayat meeting and their killing of the
young married couples reflect their attempt to impose
Talibanic influence on society.The Karnal District and Session Judge showed valour
and vision by delivering the judgement to hang until
death to five accused and life sentence to one. The
honour killing is same as the Sati Pratha against
which our great social reformer Raja Ram Mohun Roy
fought and compelled the then government to abolish
the most condemnable social evil. This verdict will give the civil society a boost
in their arms against social orthodoxy and medieval
thinking of a small group of so-called trend setters
in society. Marriage is a meeting of two minds and if
the boy and girl marry each other with fulll mutual
consent and living happily what the the society has
the society with them. Their only guilt is that they
went against the tradition bound khap society. That
why they finished the newly-wed couples impose
diktat on society. Now-a-days, we are living in 21st century where
orthodoxy and backward approach have no place. To
stop the abominable acts against the persons of
modern thinking and development oriented, the
government of the day must come forward to end the
attempt of Talibanising society. The bride and groom had already lodged complaint with
Haryana police that their lives are under threat. But
the police showed complete apathy to the threat to
their lives. Even they helped the killers by
describing the dead body of the bride as
unidentified. They showed deliberate negligence and
did not object to her creamation. The state government must pay attention to the
apathetic role of police in to stopping the
increasing incidents of honour killing in Haryana. A
day hardly passed, then a report came that an honour
killing took place in Panjab. It is highly
condemnable and shows the wayward social practice
being carried out by a group of strongmen in the
society. Now honour killing is the most condemnable
social abuse and the government must rise to the
occasion to remove this abuse from society