Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sheila Govt puts one burden after another on Delhiites

One more burden
Delhiites will have to spend more from their pockets
for virtually everything from cooking gas to diesel
with Delhi govt on Monday withdrawing subsidy on LPG
and increasing VAT on many items to generate
additional revenue.The Sheila Dixit government of Delhi is taking the
mandate of Delhiites three consetive term for
granted. Delhiites are already burdened with runaway
prices of almost all the essential commodities,
especially edible items. The general people in national capital are hardly in
a position to get the meals even twice a day. The
rising food prices with no control by the Sheila
Dikshit government has made the situation alarming.
Without taking into account the prevailing atmosphere
of steep price rise of all essential commodities in
the city, Sheila Dixit government has introduced the
Budget that can be described as life taking in the
name of development and Commonwealth Games 2010,
which is scheduled to be held here. The Delhi govt Budget is completely insensitive to
the pain of Delhiites caused by increasing burden
from all sides. Development and Commonwealth Game for
whom? They are meant for the people of Delhi. But the
question here arises how could Delhiites enjoy
Commonwealth Game and avail the benefits of Metro and
Fly-overs when they will remain alive as they have
been struck with slow dying syndrome by the run away
prices. The Delhi government is generating money by sqeezing
Delhiites and especially those among them living in
abject poverty. Sheila Dikshit Budget is insentive
and anti-Delhiites. The opposition BJP appears to be
getting helpless day by day , while 12 years back
they were thrown out of power over only the rising
prices of onions. The time has come for them to come
out on the streets and raise the voice of the people
against Sheila government. They must cast off the
cover of lethargy and oppose the government tooth and
nail on the issue of sky-rocketing price of all
essential commodities to win the confidence of the
people. The rise of onion price was the main cause of
their defeat in the susequent assembly elections in
'98. Despite knowing the reaction of the common people to
the BJP in that assembly elections, Sheila Dikshit is
treating them with utmost callous because her style
of governance reflects that she is least attentive
to the problems faced by Delhiites.And if her
insensitiveness to the increasing burden on them
continues unabated, this may prove to be her last
term of office in particular and her party in
general. CM must review her Budget and give relief to
Delhiites immediately.

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