Saturday, March 20, 2010

Doubtfulful intention

It is not a matter of any importance that with what
intent the US is dealing with Mumbai attack accused
and LeT operative Pak-born US nationals David Coleman
Headley but one thing must be clear to it that
Headley symbolises terrorism of which the US has
already pledged before the international community
just after 9/11 by forming and international coation
to wipe out terror from the face of the world. But
the way Headley is being tried under plea bargain
prohibiting his extradition to India and exempt from
death penalty, and its denial of access to Indian
intelligence sleuths in the first place belies all
hopes of dealing with terror firmly. And US pledge
against terror is only proving to be a false show
when it strikes other countries.The stated position of the US on the issue of
terrorism is to fight it to the finish. After 9/11 it
had itself formed an international coalition against
terrorism and India extended all supports to this
coalition as it has suffered most from cross-border
terrorism lauched by its neighbour Pakistan. The Mumbai blast accused Pakistani-American national
Lashkar-e-Toiba operative David Coleman Headley was
arrested by FBI sleuths in Chicago in October last.He
was also reported to have worked as CIA agent in the
past. During Headley's trial in US court for the
first time on January 14 this year, he had pleaded
not guilty of 26/11 Mumbai terror attack which had
taken the lives of 180 persons ,including six US
nationals. But under the plea bargain arrangement
because of which he escaped death sentence and life
imprisonment, he took U-turn and has pleaded this
time on March 18 guilty to Mumbai attack and Danish
newspaper plot. But what motives guide the US
Administration behind plead bargain trial that
Headley will be let off with lighter punishment. If
that is so, the US behaviour in dealing with the
issue of terrorism is no different from Pakistani
government, which is also against any action against
the mastermind of Mumbai attack JuD boss Hafiz
Sayeed. Now it is expected that intelligence officials
would be permitted to interrogate Headley after his
confession in a court here that he was involved in
the Mumbai terror attacks, although he will not be
extradited to India.The US, which has so far denied India the right to
question Headley, arrested by the FBI, has said that
Headley has agreed to fully and truthfully
participate in this process which has to be
undertaken only on US soil.Being one of the closest friends of India, the US
must co-operate with it in bringing the Mumbai attack
accused to justice by respecting its own pledge
before the international community. Otherwise, the US
will also be accused of double dealing like Pakistan
in dealing with the issue of terrorism.

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