Monday, March 29, 2010

At last, Modi appears before SIT

According to SIT Chief R K Raghavan questioning of Gujarat CM Narendra Modi in connection with the Gulbarg riots post-Godhra is a very big step forward in trying to understand and unravel the mysteries in the caseThe SIT is to submit its report to the Supreme Court on or before 30th April. The questioning of Modi was long over due as he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat and completely failed to enforce the rule of law because of his party's vested political interest during the worst communal riots in the state that the country had ever experienced. The entire state was plunged into communal cauldron because of vested political interest of the ruling BJP under the leadership of none else but the CM Narendra Modi. Had the communal riot of the magnitude of BJP- ruled Gujarat in 2002 taken place in any other state, the government would have been dismissed immediately because of its deliberate negligence in setting on Hindu chauvinists against the Muslim monority . But Modi continued to rule. Constitutional responsibilty was thrown to the wind and the state turned killers. If the SIT thinks after questioning Modi that he was deliberately negligent in exercising constitutional responsibility as CM, it must lodge FIR against him in Gujarat riot case even after 8 years.Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi after some hesitations appeared before SIT in connection with killing of 68 innocent persons, including ex-Congress MP Eshan Jafri in Gulbarg Housing Society Complex in post Godhra riot in Ahmedabad. Jafri’s widow Zakia Jafri had filed a long complaint in which she had accused Modi of omissions and commissions and alleged that he had instructed officials not to act on the desperate telephone calls of Jafri when the rioters attacked the housing complex. Zafri’s wife had alleged the C M of deliberate negligence to protect life and property of the people. As Modi had sat on the throne of Gujarat as Chief Minister of the state, he wanted to be called Yuva Hindu Samrat to emerge as the hero of BJP’s Hindu voters by diving vertically the society on clear communal line for communal poliralisation. Godhra and post Godhra riots in 2002 are worst communal riots in the country so far in which more than thousand innocent people were massacred and the police personnel watched that riots as mute spectators because the state was itself on the side of rioters. This made Modi the hero of BJP in the country and he proved that by winning the post riots state assembly elections with thumping majority. Even though Atal Behari Vajpayee-led NDA government was at the Centre, BJP held him back from removing CM despite his alleged involvement in letting the police administration alongwith Hindu chauvinists loose to have a secured place among the majority Hindu population. It appeared that there was no rule of law and there was free for all rioters. The SIT formed by Supreme Court must interrogate Chief Minister Narendra Modi thoroughly and ask him straight question what was his motive in not controlling the rioters who were on rampage against the minority community. As a Chief Minister, Naredra Modi’s role is clearly suspect. Let the court of law bring justice to victims.

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