Friday, April 2, 2010

Historic day in education

It is a historic day that Education has become the fundamental right of every children irrespective of caste, creed community and social category. With the address to the nation, it has already been enforced. Though it was a long-awaited necessity for the all round development of the country, its proper implementation matters most.When anybody saw the children of weak economic category, working with different category of hazardous industries, shops, tea stalls and as domestic servants, the head hung in shame and all claims of development of the country appeared hollow. Million of chidren are seen loitering at the red lights traffic points on roads in different big cities and they are economically exploited , which is most abominable. The poverty of the parents of these categories of children is the cause of their painful life. At the age when they should be at schools, they are migrating to cities for filling their stomachs. To satisfy their hunger,they become prey to despicable abuses because their parents are almost pauper. Their immediate need is to satisfy their hunger. With making education a fundamental right to every child, the government must make arrangement of free meal, school books, uniforms, quality education and other necessities required for them and only then they can avail the right. Both the Centre and the state have to act sincerely and responsibly to make this right a historic opportunity for children . Otherwise, it only will only remain on government paper. Education is power and it can not be bought in the market. It is also the best source of empowering the weaker and uneducated sections of society. In the present period, youths account for more than 50 percent of the nation’s population and they are our future. Providing education to children is building bright future of the nation as they are our future. Imparting quality education to them is utmost necessity to build the nation strong and solvent. The education is also no body’s exclusive right. whoever irrespective of caste creed, community and economic categories gets better education will excell in life. To make the right to education a fundament right of every children a success, the government and civil socieity will have to wake up those sections of society to the importance of education for their children. The government also must ensure that the schools should be accessible to all children all over the country. In the backward regions of the country, the distance of schools completely hampers the accessibility of the children. So there must be schools in every village in proportion of population there. The state government should also appoint well-eductaed and well-trained teachers to teach the children through the easiest process so that they should no feel burdened with school education and drop out of it. School drop-out chidren are enumerable in the country. As education is in current list, both the Centre and the states must ensure that the fundamental right given to the children is not violated.

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