Thursday, March 25, 2010

USAs' Double standard

No nuclear power state of the world can think of nuclear deal with Pakistan, considering its track record of transferring nuclear know-how to the non-nuclear states causing proliferation and even then aspiring for achieving nuclear weapons for wrong use, let lone the sole super power of the world the US.Though the US does not take into account any considerations if that serves its interest, it can not annoy the new friend like India. US needs Pakistan to get rid of terror from Afghanistan to overcome terror problems there. But for that it also need Pak's full support and at the same time Pak extracts its share of flesh from US, it can not extend whole-hearted support to US. America also never thinks anything in terms of morality or immoratality if that issue become hurdles in serving its own interest. So to rely on US may prove to be dangerous for any country and India is not exceptional. US always keeps its own interest uppermost. There was a rumour that during the current visit of the US secretary of State Hillary Clinton to Pakistan that she would initiate the process of striking a Nuclear deal with Pakistan as it has done with India under the cover of its energy need. But as the conclusion of talks between Clinton and her Pakistani counterpart Shah Mehmood Qureshi has come out, the US has flatly said no to to Nuclear deal and mediation in Kashmir in Indo-Pak talks. India had already conveyed to US its dismay and disgust over the reported possibility of starting the process of striking N-deal with Pakistan. But the crux of the problem with the US is to meet Pakistan’s wish of participation of third party in its talk with India.As in the fast changing international scenario, the US can not lose India at the cost of any other country. Hillary Clinton has made it clear that US has no intention to mediate between India and Pakistan. As the US interest is served by both India and Pakistan, it can not annoy one at the cost of other. It is very important for the US to recognise that Pakistan and India should live in peace. While Clinton promised Pakistan help in the energy sector, including in building thermal power plants, but there was no mention in the briefing of a civil nuclear deal which Islamabad has been pressing for. As far as the double standard of the US is concerned, it is not new. It eats with one set of teeth and shows the other like elephant. Whereever its own domestic interest clashes , it little care of right or wrong in fulfilling that. India must know clearly that if the US had so much concerned for the spurt in terror violence at the behest of Pakistan, it would have got it stopped then and there. But as its measure interest in South Asia is served by keeping Pakistan in good humour, it can not tell Pakistan sincerely to rein in terror outfits and dismantle terror infrastructure on its soil, which are bent on destabilising India by creating mayhem in Jammu and Kashmir . Therefore, India always be alive to all the US moves in its relations with Pakistan. Double standard has been the hallmark of US.

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