Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dastardly act

Terror spreads its tentacles very fast from its root
in Pakistan all over the world in equal measure. The
entire international civil society has borne the
brunt of terrorism more or less in equal proportion.
The Moscow metro blast has killed 39 innocent persons
and injured several. Russia has been facing the terror of Chechen
Islamist rebels for a long time. Though the entire
world leaders, including the world’s sole super power
the US and India, strongly condemened the dastardly
act. The leader of the western world US president
Obama has pledged all kinds of help to Russia in
bringing the perpetrators of terror to justice. He
has also reportedly said that there is a network of
terror, which is interlinked from one terror group to
another and active in the entire world. A few years back, US intelligence had reportedly said
that Pakistan was the breeding ground of terrorism
but the US failed to explain what measure did it
take against it? On the contrary, the US made Pak its
frontline ally in the international coalition against
terrorism, which the US itself formed just after
9/11. India may be bearing the brunt most of Pak terror
sponsorship but one thing that the US must
understand that terror is the enemy of humanity and
every human society has to bear its brunt if the
powerful western bloc failed to act against it
sincerely and responsibly.Moscow metro blast clearly
shows how the devils are going from strength to
strength merely because the patisan approach is
being practised by none other than the US in dealing
with the enemy of humanity firmly, no the place of
occurence of terror in any part of the world. Once
the partisan dealing approach is stopped, the terror
can easily dealt be with firmly and unitedly. First, the need of the our for the US-led western
powers to rise above vested interest and must not
show leniency against the terror- sponsoring country
and deal with it firmly if it does stop carrying out
mayhem all over the world.It has also been
experienced that whenever a western country faces
terror attack, it acts against the perpetrators and
the country they belong to ruthlessly. But if the
terror acts are undertaken at regular intervals at
the behest of Pakistan in Asian giant like India, the
they gives it uncalled for advice of practising
restraint at the time of crisis. The entire world is shocked at the dastardly acts of
terrorists in Moscow metro. It is the urgent need of
the hour to take a united and concerted fight
against terror to wipe it out from the face of the

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