Saturday, March 6, 2010

Pass the Women’s Reservation Bill

The long-awaited and much desired Women’s Reservation Bill must be passed without any opposition. The all-time greatest English playwright William Shakespeare rightly said that Frailty thy name is woman. But it was said in 14th century. So, they urgently need to be empowered by giving 33 percent reservation in Parliament and state legislatures. The time has changed immensely and there has been all round development in every field. The Indian women and girls are contributing remarkably to the development of the country. They are fully capable of walking shoulder to should with their male counterpart in every sphere of life. In school, college and competitive examinations, females are doing better than their male competitors. They are excelling in sports, study, research, engineering, Medicines, Space, civil services, politics and even in army. But those women who are going up and up are few in number in proportion to their over all population in the country. Because majority of the women don’t get any opportunity in absence of the severe financial constraint and age-old tradition of male dominance in our society.Nitish Kumar-led Bihar government has already provided 50 per cent reservation for women in Pachayat and local body. Adequate number of the presence of women in local bodies in towns, cities and Panchyats in rural villages reflect their skill of better management. And Bihar is also the first state to have introduced reservation of women in Panchyata and local bodies. Bihar CM has also shown his development bent of mind by breaking away from the so-called advocates of OBCs, who are opposed to the epoch-making bill in Parliament, in support of the 33 percent reservation for women in Parliament and state assemblies. The Women’s Reservation Bill has been hanging in balance for the last 15 years. Whenever it was introduced, in the name of women belonging to OBCs, politics was played by so-called OBC political leaders and chauvinists only to show they are the only messiah of their cause and impress upon them that if this bill was passed in this shape, all its benefits would be grabbed by Upper caste women and they would remain be deprived. It is the total misrepresentation of the bill to reap political benefits by opposing it.One of the senior most OBC political leaders at time of introducing the landmark bill for the empowerment of women said in Parliament that if this bill was passed , he would poisoned himsef to death. This is the thinking of a section of political leaders in our country. This narrow and medieval thinking must be discarded and rejected outright by passing the landmark bill on the occasion of International Women’s Day. It will prove to be the greatest gift to the Indian women. There is every likelihood that Women Reservation will be passed as ruling Congress-led UPA and BJP-led NDA have already given green signal to go head.

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