Monday, March 8, 2010

SP and RJD show their colour

RJD and Samajwadi Party have decided to withdraw support to UPA government over long-awaited and the most important issue Women’s Reservation Bill, though their withdrawal of support will have no impact on the bill health of the government and the bill. The most valuable gift to women has been presented to Indian women on International Women's Day by introducing the Women’s Reserval Bill in Rajya Sabha. As the landmark bill to emancipate Indian women in bringing them on the same pedestal as men by giving 33 percent reservation in Parliament and state legislatures is on way to go through smoothly, the politically vested interest of the so-called messiahs has been exposed. Both RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav and SP supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav are dead against the passage of the bill. JD(U) boss Sharad Yadav has already shown fierce opposition since the beginning to it, while one of the most important JD(U) leaders and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has supported support the Women Reservation Bill as he is also the first CM in the country to have provided 50 percent reservation for women in Panchayats and Local bodies. SP, RJD and BSP demand reservation within the reservation in the bill for minorities, OBCs and downtrodden women and oppose it in the present shape only to promote their political narrow social design. It is nothing but their political gameplan. While the ground reality is that 33 percent reservation in Parliament and state assemblies is meant for all Indian women irrespective of caste, class and communities. Lalu, Mulayam and Mayawati think that they are the only messiahs of minorities, OBCs and downtrodden, while the reason behind their opposition to bill in the present form is their political move aimed at misguiding them over the landmark bill. Because in reality they only promote family, relatives and their own caste clan politics. What is the problen with them in providing thirty three percent quota to their women party members to fight elections for Parliament and state assemblies? Can they explain that? Their action only reflect their medieval and orthodox thinking to keep the society male dominant and its patricharchal character intanct. They see danger to their political bossim if the bill is passed. As UPA, BJP and Left are supporting the government on the issue, Women’s Reservation bill is bound to go through Parliament. The Women’s Reservation Bill has been hanging in balance for the last 15 years only because of the opposition by these narrow, closed and orthox politicians. The passage of Women’s Reservation Bill will be a historic and epoch making in empowering Indian women. Women’s adequate participation in government decision making bodies will result in better management of society and the country alike. 33 percent quota for women in Parliament and state legislatures will bring about a revolution in the development of society. As women have proved to be better managers, they will deal administrative, political and social issues in a much better way.

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