Friday, March 5, 2010

Temple stampede

Uncontrolled mob often leads to stampede, taking
innocent lives at regular intervals in different
parts of our country. In most of the tragic incidents
caused by stampede usually result in the tragic death
of women and children. The callous neglect of
security measures by the local administration and
organiser at crowded places is the main cause of
tragic incident. 65 innocent lives have been lost in the stampede at a
godman’s ashram in Pratapgarh district of Uttar
Pradesh. The stampede took place during the luncheon
organised by a well-known saint Kripalu Maharaj
ashram in UP. His ashram had the capicity of 500
hundred people while more than 15, 000 people
collected there. There was no management by the
administration. The question arises whether Kripalu Maharaj had taken
permission of organising lucheon of this magnitude at
his ashram or not. If he had taken the permission,
what was the arrangment made by the local
administration to control the large mob. Now it has become fashion among the so-called Saints
and politicians to organise such a function as to
attract the large crowd without putting in place
adequate preventive measures. Coincidently, on the
day he organised luncheon also fell the Shradh ritual
of his wife. Whoever plays with the lives of innocent
poor people must be held responsible immediately. Kripalu Maharaj must be questioned why he collected
so big a crowd that went uncontrolled resuling in the
deaths of women and children. He must be taken to
task and local administration of the state government
has also to give explanation that why it did not
take precaution when the stampede of this nature have
taken place in the country in different parts of the
country a number of times. But if the past experience is anything to go by, all
will be forgotten. The insensitivity of the god is
reflected when he reportedly said that people died
because their own fault.The popular Godman made what
may be termed as a highly irresponsible statement
blaming the devotees for the stampede and tragic
deaths that occurred at his ashram. The state
government must hold the Maharaj for the killing of
65 people in ashram stampede. Stampede often occurs when the large number of
people collect and become unruly at a place beyond
its capacity. It is natural that when the organiser
as well as local administration would be so callously
negligent to take preventive security measures, the
tragedy is bound to occur. State government must deal
with negligent government official and the organiser
sternly so that there would be no collection of
uncontrolled mob at a place in future.

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