Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Degeneration set in political class

The squandering of public money to satisfy the lavish mentality of the political leaders is not new. No political party has come clean on organising party celebrations. More or less all spend lavishly. Mayawati has exceeded all. A law must be enacted to limit government expenditure on such political and birthday occasions as Mayawati has done in Lucknow party rally and is habituated to do usually.Those political leaders who organise functions to celebrate their birthday and annual party aniverssary of their political parties encourage their followers to spend lavishly to show their political strength.BSP supremo and UP Chief Minister Mayawati is reported to have accepted the garland made of currency of one thousand notes amounting to crore. The garland is generally made of flowers. But as the politicians don’t consider to be general, they deliberately encourage their supporters to present them something special to attract the attention. As far as lavish expenditure is concerned, Mayawati is famous for celebrating her birthdays in a grand way. She is the Chief Minister of one of the poorest state of India. A little less than half of the population is below poverty line and they are unable to fill their stomachs even once a day. The literacy rate is also low and the majority of the population living is in abject poverty. In the prevailing situation, celebrating the 25th year of founding of BSP so lavishly and in a grandway by moblising all sorts of government and public resources is nothing but the mockery of the poor people. Though the lavish expenditure on BSP’s founding day occasion also echoed in Parliament strongly with SP and Congress demanding probe into it, the concerns even of the opponents like SP and Congress are not going to its logical end and Parliament will be stalled for a or two as they are not themselves fair on the issue. The central government must act seriously to know how the so big amount was collected by BSP under the leadership of Chief Minister Mayawati. The multi-crore garland presented to her at a lavish BSP rally in Lucknow is nothing but absurdity.Mayawati was celebrating while Bareilly was burning in communal fire. It is same as Nero was playing Sitar while Rome was burning. The denerating political class is the biggest hurdle in the development of the country. Public awareness campaingn should also be launched by social activists to expose the so-called claimed of being the messiah of dalits and downtrodden.

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