Saturday, April 15, 2017

Unnecessary outrage over video Politicians in Jammu and Kashmir are unnecessarily outraged at the video of a youth, who according to the army is a stone-pelter, tied to the bonnet of the jeep, which is front of the convoy of moving vehicles. Stone pelters pelt stones at the army personnel when they are engaged in conducting search operation against the terrorists. They pelt stones on security personnel to help terrorists flee. Army Chief General Bipin Rawat had rightly said some time back that those young men who pelted stones on the army personnel to disrupt their operation against terrorists were anti-nationals and they should be treated as such. Those who aid, abet and sympathize with terrorists are undoubtedly anti-nationals. There are some misguided youths who play at the hands of separatist leaders in Jammu and Kashmir. It is also alleged that separatist Hurriyat leaders of different factions are the paid agents of Pakistan. They misguide the Kashmiri youths to disrupt army’s operation against terrorists by pelting stones on them. And they are doing it all on the behest of Pakistan. The video of a stone - pelter tied to the bonnet of army jeep need not cause concern among the common Kashmiri people. If the video is authentic, it was made to show the other stone pelters that if they pelted stones on army personnel, they would also be tied to the bonnet of the jeep in convoy and made round of the area. It is utmost necessary for the police and security personnel in the state of Jammu and Kashmir to strike fear among the stone pelters. Stone pelting is an anti-national act. Army is deployed in Jammu and Kashmir to combat terrorism, which is being sponsored in the state from across the border, and provide safety and security to the people. Army has also been strictly asked to exercise maximum restraint. But the problem in Kashmir is that the separatist leaders instigate some misguided youths to pelt stones on the security personnel when they are engaged in encounter with the terrorists. They do it to help terrorists flee. And this is what they have been instructed by the sepatist leaders. As separatist leaders are allegedly the paid agents of Pakistan, they would never like the return of normalcy, peace and development in Jammu and Kashmir. If normalcy returns to Kashmir, their job is over and they would not be paid. The parents and guardians of the stone pelters must be appealed by the state govt. to not allow their sons and wards to go near the site of encounter between security personnel and terrorists. It should be impressed on them that the sons and kith and kin of separatist leaders have nothing to do with stone pelting. They are either studying outside the state or in govt. jobs. So, their career is unaffected. It is the sons and daughters of some common Kashmiris whose career is badly affected because of their participation in stone pelting on army personnel in Jammu and Kashmir. One thing must be understood for once and all time to come that Jammu and Kashmir is the integral part of India and it will remain be so. Army should also be careful that those who have nothing to do with stone pelting must not be harassed in any way. Army personnel must exercise maximum restraint.

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