Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Uncalled for suggestion

The statement issued by US ambassador to United Nation Nikki Haley that US President Donald Trump’s administration would try to find its place to be a part of efforts to de-escalate the tension between India and Pakistan is uncalled for, unnecessary, unwarranted and unsolicited. Though India's External Affairs Ministry has rejected US suggestion outright, the BJP-led NDA govt. must not budge from the stated position of bilateralism between India and Pakistan to resolve any issue whatsoever in accordance with Shimla agreement in letter and spirit. If something happens, India is ready to face. But the US' wait for intervention would remain be unending. Nikki's statement also reflects that the Trump administration has no knowledge about history. We follow Shimla agreement between the two countries in letter and spirit that all longstanding issues would be resolved bilaterally. It would be better for Trump administration to wipe out the root of terrorism, which is lying in Pakistan, from where it emanates and puts the peace of the entire region and beyond in jeopardy. Almost all the immediate predecessors of President Donald Trump whether it is Obama, Bush or Clinton has tried to find place in the efforts of de-escalating tension between India and Pakistan, but all went in vain. What they achieved is all before the world. The third party intervention to resolve any issue between India and Pakistan is out of question. India has made its position clear times without number. Pakistan has always been trying to rope in third party i.e. US in talks between the two countries. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has established the prestige of the nation all over the world, and his personal rapport has been good with almost all top leaders of the world. So, as Donald Trump is a new entrant on international stage in the capacity of the President of world's most powerful country the US, he must be told very clearly that India would never agree to any third party intervention to resolve any issue with Pakistan. It appears that the love of US for Pakistan is still intact despite the fact that terrorism originates from its soil. It is also clear that the US keeps its interest above everything. Pakistan has been its blue-eyed boy for decades. It is with the fast change in world political and geo-strategic scenario that pushed the US to lean towards India. With coming closer to India, US has alienated Pakistan a little. And because of its shift, Pakistan went into the lap of China. Pak has facilitated China to build economic corridor. The economic corridor in Pakistan with the total help of China was built. China also set its feet in Pakistan. It is very big thing for China as it has also come to the backyard of India. It is correct that US and India are the natural allies as former is the first democracy and the later is the largest one. But US soft-corner for Pakistan sours the relation between the two time to time. US endeavour to have a place in the effort of de escalating tension between India and Pakistan clearly shows that it is still in delusion. It also reflects that the US would never act against Pakistan for sponsoring terrorism in India. It acted against Osama bin Laden only because he was its most wanted terrorist. Osama had directly attacked the US (9/11). It is US administration's attempt to keep Pakistan in good humour so it has spoken in Pak's language of third party intervention. India must send out a message in an unambiguous term that as and when any talk is held with Pakistan, it will be bilateral one, and nothing else.

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