Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Dastardly act

The killing of 25 CRPF personnel in an ambush by Naxals in Sukma of Chattishgarh is a dastardly act. Neither the problem of naxalism nor of violence is new to the country. Our brave soldiers and security personnel are killed either in naxal or terror violence at frequent intervals throughout the year. It is only last month that near about a dozen CRPF personnel were killed in Chattishgarh by Maoists. The successive governments do the same thing of offering condolences, paying tributes and making announcement of ex-gratia amount to the kith and kin of those killed after every incident of naxal or terror violence. Union Home Minister pays tributes to the slain soldiers and security personnel and PM offers condolences to the deceased families and make announcement of ex-gratia amount to the kith and kin. This is a routine affair and permanent ritual. It is just like the same path on which every successive government treads. Nothing more than that is done. The entire nation is shocked, shaken, saddened and enraged at the killing of 25 CRPF personnel in a Naxal attack. The security personnel and civilians are also killed in terror violence at regular intervals in the trouble - torn state of Jammu and Kashmir. These incidents were taking place during the previous UPA, and so is in the present Narendra Modi-led NDA regime. There appears no rebate on the ground so far as naxal or terror violence is concerned. Our brave CRPF were taken unawares. They were providing protection to road construction workers in the naxal-infested areas of Sukma in Chattishgarh. The region is prone to Naxal violence. It is also the bastion of Naxals. This is not the first time that naxal violence has occurred there. In 2013, the top leadership of Chattishgarh Congress party was killed in the Naxal attack in the same area. Six years back in 2010, the massacre of 75 CRPF personnel in Dantewada by the Naxals had taken place in Chattishgarh. While this area of the state is prone to Naxal violence, there was no intelligence report about the activities of Naxals. It has been reported that near about 300 naxals collected atop the hill and fired from there on the CRPF personnel who were taking lunch. This clearly shows the total failure of intelligence agency. More than that half of the country is affected by Naxal violence. The problem of Naxalism is not only of law and order but also of socio-economic. The govt. of the day must strengthen the security apparatus on priority basis and stop saying after every incident that it would look into the matter. Modi govt. must be tough with Naxals and terrorists. They are enemies of the nation. The Naxals are still in delusion that power flows from the barrel of the gun as said by Mao Tse Tung. India is a democratic country and it believes in non-violence. The violence has no place in India. If ever violence is carried out with the sole intention of weakening the nation, it must be dealt with mercilessly without caring for the so-called Human Rights activists and intellectuals. The killing of 25 CRPF personnel by Naxals in Sukma is also the failure of the state intelligence agency. Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh also must take the incident seriously as Naxal violence is taking place in his state regularly. As at the Centre and in the state the same party is ruling, there can be no complaint of non-cooperation between the two to fight Naxalism to finish. A multi-pronged planning is required to be charted out to deal with the situation successfully. The entire nation offers heart-felt condolence to the members of the bereaved families. Naxalism and terrorism need to be dealt with brute force in the first place. Until and unless the pressure is built on Naxals and terrorists, they cannot surrender before the security forces. The power of naxalism and terrorism cannot be bigger than that of state power. So, the need is to take decisive step to quell Maoism and terrorism once and for all time to come.

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