Monday, April 24, 2017

Kejriwal is hiding under EVM cover

It appears that Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal fears his party’s total rout in the MCD elections and that is why he has said that Electronic Voting Machines are flawed. He alleges that EVMs were tampered. He is of the view that they were set in the way that no matter which button is pressed by the voter; the vote will go to BJP. But Mr. Kejriwal forgot that when his party had registered unprecedented and historic victory in Delhi assembly elections in 2015 by winning 67 seats out of 70, the same EVMs were used to conduct elections. There is no malfunction of the EVMs. It is the malfunctioning of his government in Delhi with which the Delhiites have become disillusioned. AAP and Kejriwal must realize that they can cheat Delhiites once, but not twice. They have seen through their duplicity. They have squandered two years of their precious time in confrontation with the Centre and verbal duel with the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi. Delhi CM Kejriwal must read the writing on the wall just after the result of Rajouri garden by-poll in which his party candidate lost the security deposit. In just two years his party slipped to the third from the first position. Kejriwal had raised hopes and aspiration of Delhiites that he would start alternative politics free of corruption, complacency and confrontation. The Delhiites supported APP wholeheartedly that was shown in the result of 2015 assembly elections. But the vaulting ambition of Kejriwal jeopardized AAP's expansion prospect, and Delhiites’ hopes and aspirations were dashed to the ground . AAP was badly defeated in Punjab only because it could fail to show any spectacular achievement in its two years of rule in Delhi. Punjab rejected APP and so did Goa. By merely winning assembly elections in the state like Delhi, he started putting himself on equal footing with the national leader like Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He started cultivating Prime Ministerial ambition and that is why APP went to fight elections in Punjab and Goa. But in both these states it fell headlong. It is the humiliation of defeat in Punjab and Goa that APP has restricted its expansion activity. In the last two years of its regime, all charges of corruption and criminal activities against some of its leaders and ministers have also come to the surface. It goes against its birth as it was on anti-corruption plank. There has been no development in Delhi that could strike the people in the last two years by the APP govt. Kejriwal's way of governance is no better than that of BJP or Congress. CM Kejriwal must know that the grand building cannot be built on the weak plinth. He should also know that the people of Delhi have seen through his action. They can no longer be hoodwinked. Tall talking cannot prove to be beneficial for any political party or leader. The people have become smart enough to understand which party or leader is working or not. It is the fear of his defeat in the MCD elections as shown by the exit polls conducted by different news channel that he is alleging about the malfunctioning of the EVMs. It is just like blaming the road without knowing how to walk on it. There is no fault in EVM as EC has said and it can also not be hacked.

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