Thursday, April 27, 2017

Time to give befitting reply

The time is running out, and no action in regard to how to deal with Pak-sponsored terrorism firmly and the spurt in violence in Jammu and Kashmir is perceptible on the ground. It is time to give befitting reply to Pakistan. Terrorists numbering four reportedly sent from across the border attacked the Army camp in Kupwara in Jammu and Kashmir and killed three soldiers. One among the three is an army officer. Two terrorists also reported to have been killed and the two are still suspected to have holed up somewhere near the army camp. Nation is furious over the loss of precious lives of army personnel. This is not the first time that army camp has been attacked by the terrorists. The first attack was made on Indian Air Force base at Pathankot. Four terrorists and three of the brave Indian air force soldiers were killed in the gun-battle that ensued. After Pathankot, Uri and Nagrota army camps were attacked. 19 soldiers in Uri and 7 soldiers in Nagrota were killed. After that, Army conducted surgical strike and as they reportedly killed more than 20 terrorists across the border. Narendra Modi govt. went on drum beating about the surgical strike by the army. But the result on the ground in terms in terms of fall in terror attack has not been experienced yet. On the contrary, the terror violence in Jammu and Kashmir has gone up sharply. The frequent attack on army camps adjacent to border by terrorists clearly indicates that their intention is to demoralize the Indian army. There is hardly a day passes on which the country looses one of its brave soldiers in terror violence in Jammu and Kashmir. And the Narendra Modi-led NDA govt. continues to tall talking. Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the Lok Sabha electioneering in 2014 had promised the people that if they voted BJP to power, he would teach Pakistan a lesson. If our one soldier is killed, we would kill 10 of our enemy. But that was election time and the promise was made only to gather votes. Modi govt. has completely failed on Kashmir issue and in dealing with terror like the previous regimes since independence. And in regard to Pakistan Modi govt. appears to have no policy. The killing of three army personnel, including an officer in the attack on army camp in Kupwara has enraged the people. Our soldiers are killed like insects in terror and naxal violences on one hand and Modi govt is watching like mute spectator. The time has come for taking a decision to teach Pakistan a lesson once and for all time to come. Modi govt. must give clear warning to Pakistan that now enough is enough and if terror is allowed to be operating from its soil against India, it will send its army to destroy the terror camps. Nation expect from Prime Minister Narendra Modi to act immediately to put a stop to the killing of brave army personnel and innocent people in Jammu and Kashmir. As far as Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Mehbooba Mufti is concerned, she and her party PDP have been known to have soft corner for separatist and extremist elements in the state. How can she deal with them? Despite that BJP has cobbled up coalition with PDP in Jammu and Kashmir to form the govt. there. As nation is enraged at the killing of three army personnel in Kupwara today, the army must be given free hand to deal with the situation. They must not be advised to exercise restraint. If the attack on army camp by terrorists continues to take place, a message will go out that India is soft enough to act against the hostile neighbouring country. The loss of lives of young army personnel must not be allowed to go waste. India must act to crush terrorism and if for that it requires intervening militarily, it must do without taking any care of international criticism.

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