Wednesday, April 26, 2017

PM Modi's wave is still intact

The massive victory of BJP in MCD elections clearly reflects that Prime Minister Narendra Modi's popularity among the people is still intact. PM’s popularity is the single most important factor that led the BJP to the stupendous victory in MCD for third consecutive time. BJP has avenged the defeat in Delhi assembly elections in 2014-15 at the hands of AAP by retaining power in MCD. It has been ruling the MCD for the last 10 years. If the elections were fought on the issue of performance by MCD with the BJP as the ruling the party, the result would certainly have been different. MCD elections have not been fought on local issues such as cleanliness and civic amenities. If it was so, the BJP could not have won as its performance in MCD has been dismal. As far as cleanliness and civic amenities in Delhi are concerned, they are in worst shape. MCD is also alleged to be the most corrupt civic body. The astounding victory of BJP in MCD is a huge humiliation for the ruling Aam Aadmi Party and the Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal as they have also miserably failed despite the fact of their unprecedented victory in the Delhi assembly elections two years back in 2015. Chief Minister Kejriwal failed to keep his popularity intact among the Delhiites. It is a massive defeat for him. The Delhiites have rejected his confrontationist politics. AAP percentage of votes in MCD elections has fallen sharply from more than 50 in assembly elections in 2015 to 24 percent. As far as the hope of revival for the Congress party is concerned, it has missed the opportunity to do so, but registered a little improvement in terms of percentage of votes. AAP which had won 67 seats out of 70 in the last Delhi assembly has slipped to second position in MCD elections. The Congress party is at third position. With the massive victory in UP and Uttaranchal, the morale of the BJP was already very high. In the MCD elections, BJP dropped all its sitting Corporators to offset anti-incumbency factor and set the national agenda in the local elections. BJP understood that if it fought on local issues, its loss was imminent. Neither the AAP nor the Congress succeeded in convincing the Delhiites that the pilling of garbage and dirt all around the city was the stark example of BJP's failure in MCD. The outbreak of Dengue, Chikungunia and other diseases in the city is due to the prevailing unhygienic condition in the city; and for this BJP is solely responsible. This message could not be conveyed to Delhiites by the opposition AAP and Congress in the MCD elections. Undoubtedly, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the most popular leader in the country. He is a great asset for BJP. And it is its natural right to win the elections by projecting him at all levels of elections in the country. One thing is also certain that minus Modi, BJP is no better than Congress or AAP at this juncture. There is a craze for PM Modi among the youngsters. Even after the elapse of three years in power at the Centre, they still hope that PM Modi would end corruption and unemployment. In addition to these two factors, BJP's dose of Hindutva also goes to favour it greatly. So, the party never falls short of exploiting Hindutva in its favour in all elections. With astounding victory in MCD, the Delhiites expect from the BJP to give Delhi a facelift. Delhi being the national capital, the civic amenities and hygienic condition of the city have not been better than a district town. So, BJP must act honestly this time to keep the city neat and clean and free from mosquito-borne diseases. The pathetic performance of the ruling AAP in MCD elections call for immediate introspection. As far as Congress is concerned, its leadership must introspect and act immediately to keep its house united. Otherwise, its revival appears to be very difficult.

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