Monday, April 10, 2017

Abolish the practice of Triple Talaq

The practice of Triple Talaq must be abolished. It is against the Muslim women in every respect. Muslim women are treated like dolls in the present day Muslim society in which it is practised in letter and spirit under the influence and pressure of the so-called Maulanas. Vice President's wife Salma Ansari has rightly raised the voice against Triple Talaq. She said that saying talaq thrice does not amount to anything, and called on Muslim women to read the Quran thoroughly instead of relying on clerics for their views on Islam. She says rightly that there can be no talaq just because someone utters 'talaq, 'talaq, 'talaq three times. A considerable number of educated and liberal-minded Muslim women have also come out against the practice of Triple Talaq in Muslim society. The largest Muslim populated country of the world is Indonesia, but there is no practice of Triple Talaq in that country. Triple Talaq is not practiced in most of the Islamic countries. Why we have to go far it is even not practiced in Pakistan, which is a front ranking Islamic country of the world. The practice of Triple of Talaq is sheer injustice to the women. It would be better of Muslim women to read the Quran themselves, and not rely on what the Maulanas in their society say about the Shariat. The issue in question is the violation of Muslim women' right. Men and women must be treated equally in society irrespective of religion. In the name of religion, the women cannot be exploited. It is the medieval mindset of Maulanas in Muslim society that tries to impose their medieval practices Muslim women. It has been wrongly established in Muslim society that women are meant only for breeding. It is not only the educated Muslim women but also the men should come out against the evil practices, which are being practiced in society for decades. We are living in 21st century in which there is no place for obscurantism, medieval mindset and outdated practices based on the notion that they satisfy religious aspirations. Triple Talaq is the glaring example of human rights' violation of Muslim women in the society. Though the issue of Triple Talaq is under the consideration of the apex court, the chorus against it among the Muslim women is commendable. It is the first and foremost responsibility of Muslim women to come out against Triple Talaq. It has not been sanctioned by the most sacred religious book the Quran. It is the so-called Maunas and Maulbis who want to impose their will on society. Can any religion sanction atrocity against the women? Triple Talaq is nothing but the sheer atrocity against the Muslim women by their men. The marriage is sacred. It must not be broken in a whim. Our Muslim sisters must come out in the support of abolishing Triple Talaq. The Allahabad High Court had in December 2016 held that the practice of triple talaq is 'cruel' and raised an issue that whether the Muslim Personal Law could be amended to provide relief to the Muslim women. The High Court also stated that the form of 'instant divorce' is 'most demeaning'. The Supreme Court is to hear multiple pleas challenging the validity of triple talaq, 'nikah halala' and polygamy practices among Muslims community on May 11 by a Constitution bench during the summer vacation. Earlier on March 27, the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) told the apex court that the pleas challenging such practices among Muslims were not maintainable as the issues fell outside the realm of judiciary.

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