Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Expedite the process of Mallya's extradition

The absconding liquor baron Vijay Mallya was arrested, and subsequently granted bail by a London court. His extradition to India is urgently required so that he could be tried according to Indian laws in Indian court. All procedures of extradition must be completed expeditiously so that Mallya could be brought back to India soon. Mallya had fled away to London after gulping about Rs. 9000 Crore of Indian money. He had taken loan in the name of his business from different banks. But he did not care to pay it back. As without implicating politics in any development in India, nothing is possible. It was experienced in Mallya’s absconding. Mallaya got loans from banks during the Congress led UPA regime and fled the country during the BJP-led NDA regime. So both the main political parties of the country cannot be absolved of conniving at the Mallya issue deliberately. It is a long history how Vijay Mallya procured so huge amount of loan from different banks. The role of banks in the underhand dealing while sanctioning loan to him can also not be ruled out. With his arrest in London, one thing is clear that the Central Bureau of Investigation is seriously pursuing the case against him and the Narendra Modi govt. is also diplomatically dealing with it. Now the CBI and the Indian High Commission must start the process of extradition of Vijay Mallya to India expeditiously. Mallya is an economic offender. He must be treated as such. He is absconding from law of the land. It is also clearly evident that there are two parameters for getting loans from bank. One is for big business men and the other is for farmers and common people. The famers of the country in different parts are committing suicide under the pressure of bank loans in the wake of drought on the one hand and Vijay Mallya is living in luxury after taking Rs. 9000 crore from banks on the other. One thing is also surprising that Vijay Mallya was also an MP and defaulter for not paying the huge bank loans. Despite taking loan of so huge an amount of money from different banks, no question was raised in Parliament over Vijay Mallya's known default in paying back loan. It shows that all MPs are united when their own interests are involved irrespective of political affiliations. That is why no MP raises question against the interest of an individual MP. It is a fact that extradition of Vijay Mallya to India is not so easy. But the concerted effort must be made by the CBI, Indian High Commission and Govt. of India at their respective level to bring him back. As far as his fleeing from the country is concerned, it appears impossible that it could happen without any knowledge of the govt. department concerned. The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the Indian High Commission will start the process of Mallya’s extradition. India needs to set precedent and Mallya’s extradition is one such case, also those defaulters who think that their money is safe in tax heavens are on wrong foot. The 61-year-old liquor businessman, wanted in India for defaulting on loans, appeared before the Westminster's Magistrates' Court in London for his bail hearing where the court granted bail to him. Last month, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) informed that extradition of the absconding liquor baron has been stratified by the Secretary of State of the U.K. Government and added that a warrant would soon be released against him.

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