Saturday, April 22, 2017

Safety and security is necessary for all Indians

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh has rightly asked his ministry to issue advisory to all states for safety and security of Kashmiri students. The home ministry has been directed to issue the advisory to all states in the wake of an incident in which a group of Kashmiri students of a private university were manhandled and called terrorists by some locals in Chittorgarh of Rajasthan. It was the first incident of an attack on Kashmiri students in the recent day. In the second incident of Meerut, a number of hoardings sprang up in the town that read, Kashmiri students UP Choro ... verna (Kashmiri students must leave UP or face the consequences). The hoardings were put up at several places on the roadside by a little known outfit Nav Nirman Sena. Jammu and Kashmir is the integral part of India and it will remain so. Like any other student of any other state of India is Indian so is the student of Kashmir. The students of Kashmir can go to any state of India for education or livelihood and the state has the responsibility of providing safety and security to them. Home Minister Rajnath Singh has swung into action. If this type of incident is not nipped in the bud, a sense of alienation is bound to develop among those against whom discrimination is practised. Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhra Raje Scindhia has also assured the Kashmiri students of safety and security. Kashmiri students have not come from an alien country. They are part and parcel of India. They are as much Indian as the students of any other state. So, the students of Kashmir must not be singled out merely because the state of Jammu and Kashmir is trouble-torn. Safety and security is necessary for all law abiding Indians. It is as much necessary for Kashmiri students as the students of other parts of the country who go to Srinagar for studying in engineering stream. As the situation in Jammu and Kashmir is getting worse and worse, especially after PDP-BJP coalition govt. was formed in the state, the govt. machinery there appears to have collapsed. PDP leader and Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti has been soft towards the hardline elements in the state. When she was in opposition, she openly supported separatists in the state. The stone pelting on the security personnel has been going in the state for years with no hope of any abatement in it. It is due to deteriorating law and order coupled with the spurt in terrorism in the state, several students of NIT Srinagar had to leave the city to save their lives from terror and separatist elements. Mehbooba Mufti-led PDP-BJP govt. has failed to give them security. Leave the problem of terrorism aside, the state govt. has failed to even maintain law and order. Stone pelters are misguided youths. Separatist leaders have misguided and misled them. But what is state govt. doing? Why the representatives of Mehbooba Mufti govt. and BJP-PDP leaders don’t meet the parents of stone-pelters to say them that how their sons are misguided and misled by the self-seeking separatist leaders of Jammu and Kashmir. Your sons pelt stones on Army personnel who had saved you from drowning and provide all sorts of help during the devastating floods in the state some years back. But when they are fighting against Pak-sponsored terror in the state, stones are being pelted to them to help terrorists flee. Is this the reward that some misguided people of Kashmir are giving to them in the state? The students from other states who have taken admission in NIT Srinagar and any other college in any other parts of Jammu and Kashmir must also be given full proof security.

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