Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Check sky-rocketing price If one thing was behind the disillusionment of the people with the previous UPA government, it was the run away price of all essential commodities, including all food items. And because of its failure to check the rising prices, the people saw hope in the promises made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the Lok Sabha election campaigns as prime ministerial candidate of BJP. The common people and the youths of the country were completely carried away by his grandstanding slogan. It is not only the price rise but also communal harmony, creation of jobs and peaceful co-existence on which Modi govt. has failed to deliver any result. The common people of the country are finding extremely difficult to fill their stomachs. Their back is being broken by the unbridled price of essential commodities, including food items. The price of green vegetables is going up and up. Onion is already bringing tears to the people eyes. The price of Pulses has broken all previous record and presently they at all time high. Some raids in different parts of the nation have also exposed the level of black marketing and hoarding by business men. It is true that inclement weather has also contributed to price rise of food items. The question arises now that the price of food items largely depends agricultural production, which is mostly dependent on rain, and if that is the ground reality, what was the need for making tall promises. The price of Arhar pulse has crossed Rs. 200 a Kg and onion Rs. 80 a Kg. Both pulse and onion are the staple food of the poor. But in the given situation of price rise, they can not afford to buy pulses and onion. Prime Minister Modi is an excellent orator, but he never mentions nor does give a hint at price rise issue during his month-long Bihar poll campaigns. The ruling BJP says that during its rule, the prestige of the country has gone high abroad. But what does it mean for the poor who are struggling hard to meet their both ends. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had promised during his Lok Sabha poll campaigns that if he was elected to power, he would bring the black money stashed away in foreign banks back, and the amount is so high that every India would have Rs. 15-20 lakhs in their bank accounts. But it has so far proved an eyewash. If the result of Munuicipal elections in Maharashtra and Panchayat elections in Uttar Pradesh is anything to go by, the hopelessness with Modi-led NDA govt. among the people is clearly reflected and it also shows the sharp fall in PM Modi’s popularity . If a global account report on price rise is to be considered, it is higher by 18 percent than that of the price rise in Pakistan. On the price rise issue, Modi-led NDA govt. has left Pak behind. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also failed to push forward the reforms process and check the rising intolerance in society. If the intolerance would be dismissed as manufactured by the Modi govt., the foreign investors would certainly think twice before investing in India.

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