Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Need of united effort to deal with terror menace

In the wake of ISIS attack in Paris that killed 140 innocent people and injured, it is necessary for all countries, especially India which has born the brunt of terrorism most, to keep themselves in preparedness to thwart any terror attack. ISIS is one degree upper than Al-Qaida. Al-qaida, Taliban, Lashkar, Jaishe Mohammad and others of the same ilk may pose danger anytime anywhere in the country. In the recent months, on every Friday after the Nawaz congregation in Jammu and Kashmir, the flags of ISIS, Pak are being waved openly. It indicates that ISIS and Pak-based terror outfits are on look out for opportunity to strike. Our central intelligence agencies must share information with the state intelligence agencies and vice versa. The government of India must make sure that should be no lacunae in coordinating with one another for gathering information. Either the intelligence failure or not acting on it has been the main reason behind failure to thwart the terror attack. It was the sheer failure of intelligence report due to which the French police failed to have a scent of the terror attack in advance. To wipe out terrorism from the face of the earth, it is necessary for the entire world to share single platform, intelligence, thought and view how to achieve the desired result for peace and progress of the people. There should be a campaign against terrorism without any discrimination and bias. Terror is terror. It can not be good. It is always bad. The terrorist attack in any country and the killing of the people in any country must be treated equally. It is completely unjustified that if the terror attack takes place in the powerful country, it is serious and if it takes place in the developing country, it is normal. Until and unless the terror is treated equally with iron hand, it can not be wiped out. First of all, there should be singling out of all those countries, howsoever powerful they might be, which are involved in abetting, financing and sponsoring terror to serve their vested interest. Whichever country is found to be involved in promoting terror to hurt its enemy must be thrown in isolation and all sources of terror funding must be cut off immediately. One thing is crystal clear that no religion teaches intolerance and killing of the innocent people for its sake. Every religion is pious, sacred, perfect and benevolent. ISIS misguides the youths all over the world that they are fighting on the call of their religion. It is for the sake of religion that they are fighting. Whether it is Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Budhdhist or Jainism, no religion permits the shedding of blood. The killing in Paris terror attack must be condemned in the strongest possible term by the entire world. And every nation has the responsibility to impress on its youths not to be misled by the terror organization. Both hard and judicious majors need to be taken to wipe our terrorism. No community can be held responsible for the terror attack in any nation. It is some misguided, disgruntled and frustrated people who have adopted terrorism. Terrorism is the number one enemy of humanity.

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