Monday, November 9, 2015

Bihar is verdict against intolerance, price rise and false promises

The Bihar verdict has given a clear message against growing intolerance, price rise, politics over beef, uncalled for statement on reservation by ruling BJP's doting parent Mohan Bhagwat that it is to be reviewed and the false promises made by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the last Lok Sabha election campaignings as Prime Ministerial candidate. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had made tall promises to the people during Lok Sabha election campaigns that if he was elected to power, his govt. would give relief to the people on all fronts. He had promised to bring down prices of the essential commodities, including food items, which was very high during the last phase of the previous UPA govt., and bring back black money stashed in foreign banks within hundred days. PM Modi had promised that the amount of black money was so heavy that after bringing it back, his govt. would give 15 to 20 lakhs in the account of every Indian. He said that he would fulfill his promises in 100 days only. 17 months have elapsed neither any black money was brought back nor Rs. 15 to 20 lakh was deposited with any Indian bank account holder. Instead of any ease on any front, the prices of all essential commodities rose higher and higher without any check in with his coming to power. The pulse and onion prices broke the all previous records. That is why Biharis rejected the BJP in this state assembly election. Bihar verdict may be described as the victory of pulse over beef. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was the single face of the BJP in the state of Bihar. He had held about 40 election rallies and entertained the audience a lot. But what his party got in return is all before us. The killing of Iqlakh over mere suspicion that he slaughtered calf and at beef, blackening of the faces of writer Sudheerendra Kulkarni in Mumbai for organizing the book launch of Pak foreign minister Mahmud Kasauri and J& K independent MLA Rashid Engineer in Delhi for holding beef party allegedly by Shiv Sainiks and Hindu Senas respectively clearly shows the growing intolerance in the country with Narendra Modi-led NDA govt coming to power. No secular Indian can tolerate these acts. Our Constitution does not permit any body to control and direct the people as to what to eat, how to dress and which religion to adopt. Bihar is testimony to the fact that it has never supported sectarian, divisive and communal agenda with which Modi-led NDA govt. tried to go ahead. It would reign in unbridled BJP motor mouths. Biharis too had overwhelmingly voted to BJP in the last general elections but when they found that PM Modi believed only in tall talking and doing nothing on the ground, they showed their displeasure in the just concluded Bihar assembly elections. Undoubtedly, the criteria for voting in Bihar has been caste since the first elections and it has increased election after elections, but this type of massive victory recorded by the Grand Alliance of Congress, RJD and JD(U) under the leadership of CM Nitish Kumar can not be possible with only caste-based voting. CM Nitish Kumar-led Grand Alliance has swept the elections and pulverized the rival PM Modi-led NDA in Bihar. And Bihar verdict would have far reaching political consequences on national level. It has also shown that PM Modi-led NDA is no longer invincible. It has given an impetus to the opposition. Bihar verdict itself shows that the people irrespective of caste, creed, community and region voted for Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who is development-oriented. Biharis reposed faith in him very strongly. No political leader can stand up to CM Ninish Kumar at this point of time in the Bihar. This verdict may pitch-fork him as a contender to PM Modi at national level. The time is running out for Prime Minister Narendra Modi and if he failed to read the writing on the wall and continued to keep himself silent on various tormenting incidents in the country, the people would no longer hear his grandstanding speeches.

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