Monday, November 23, 2015

Samajwadi birthday bash in kingly style

Samajwadi Party supremo and one of the senior most political leaders of the country Mulayam Singh Yadav's birth day celebration was celebrated at his home village of Safai with all fanfares, shows and lavishness, throwing all norms of socialism to winds. It is the new definition of Samajwad that Mulayam gave by holding his 76th birthday celebration in kingly style. He has reportedly himself said that socialism no longer is the symbol of poverty. With the dominance of capitalism, if Mulayam’s birthday bash is anything to go by, socialism has now also started believing in luxury and lavishness at the cost of state exchequer. All the prominent Samajwadi leaders,his Chief Minister son Akhilesh Yadav, ministers, Bollywood stars and all VIPs have participated in Mulayam's birthday bash, and all sorts of expensive entertainment programmes were organized for the guests. Safai was done up like a bride at the cost of state exchequer. It is nothing but the mockery of all principles of socialism. This extravaganza is being displayed in the state where more than 50 of its districts have been announced drought-hits. Farmers are committing suicide and the state accounts for 22 percent of the population of the poor in the country. Recently a report appeared in a news paper which depicts the condition of unemployment in the state where for the vacancy of more than three hundred posts of peon were notified , and among candidates who applied against the vacancy were graduates, post graduates, Doctorate and Engineering degree holders. This is the condition of the state on one hand and display of dazzling light and lavishness on display in Safai on the other hand. Uttar Pradesh is the biggest state of the country. But it also leads the nation in illiteracy, poverty, unemployment and under-development on one hand and the tallest leader of the state ruling party is squandering crores of rupees on the birthday bash on the other. What is this? This is sheer misuse of public money and self-aggrandizement. Samajwadi stalwarts like Jayprakash Narayan and Ram Manohar Lohia might be feeling unrest in their graves over the extravaganza displayed on the birthday bash of one of their disciples. Mulayam Singh Yadav should have realized that the people in the state are struggling to meet their both ends on the one hand and the display of a lavish party on his birthday is in no way justified on the other. His grand birthday bash also sends the message out among the people that the leaders of the ruling party consider the state as his/her fiefdom. Ruling party leaders do all this to show that they are in command of the state and the people are their subjects, not masters. In the prevailing situation of famine in the state of Uttar Pradesh, the extravaganza on the birthday bash of the most powerful leader of the ruling Samajwadi party shows how they made mockery of the problems being faced by farmers and labourers . The people of Uttar Pradesh are watching the misuse of public exchequer silently and they will give their verdict in the coming assembly elections in 2017.

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