Friday, November 6, 2015

Pay immediate attention to Nepal

The strained relation with Nepal is not good for India and vice versa. A misunderstanding has developed in Nepal that the scarcity of petroleum products in the country is being deliberately created by India. As India's response to the newly chartered Constitution has been lukewarm, Nepal took it otherwise. India openly expressed its reservation on the failure of Nepali Constitution maker s to incorporate proportional representation for Madhesi population of the country. Madhesis have been excluded from the high posts like President, Prime Minister and High Court judges. It is nothing but sheer injustice. But the situation is required to be dealt with tactfully by prevailing on Nepal that the constitution must be inclusive in democracy. And no section of society should feel alienated. The recent death of an Indian student in police firing in Nepal and India’s angry response to it has also made the situation worse. Madhesis have been agitating against the adoption of new constitution, which they describe as discriminatory, for several months. Police had suppressed their agitation time and again. There are people to people relation between Madhesis and Indians. They are very much similar in nature and practice to Indians. As China has always been look out to distance India's neighbouring country as they have done with Pakistan, they grabbed the opportunity and supplied diesel and petrol to meet the requirement of Nepal. India failed the gauze the situating developing in Nepal in time. It is nothing but the failure of India's foreign policy. Nepal has been our traditional friend. Both India and Nepal are close-door neighbours and enjoyed very good relation. Nepal's two third of trade is with India. India is the best destination of Nepalese for livelihood. A largest number of Nepalese lives in India. China and Pakistan are their least concerns. In the given situation, Nepal’s bonhomie with China is nothing but the failure of India's foreign policy. Nepal was dependent on 67% of petroleum consumption on India but when it found that there had been blockade on its supply. So, Nepal looked towards China for petrol, diesel and LPG, which is very bad signal for India. But at the same India also can not bear with Nepal govt. discrimination with Madhesis population. So, India required dealing with the situation tactfully and diplomatically. With Narendra Modi becoming Prime Minister of India, he made two quick visits to Nepal and his govt.'s instant response with relief material to its earthquake, which caused wreckage, brought Nepal closure to India. It is the newly chartered constitution which has caused strain between the two countries. Though China can not continue to supply petroleum products like Petrol, diesel and LPG due to difficult road route, India must start sending trucks of essential commodities and petroleum products to Nepal. It is India's success in its foreign policy if it keeps the neighbours in good humour. The good relation with neighbour would not allow any other nation to set its foot in our backyard.

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