Thursday, November 19, 2015

Not enough to exude confidence among the masses

Diversity is India's specialty and it has tremendous social strength, including pluralism. This is the comment that Prime Minister made in the world's prestigious Magazine Economists. But if he had taken hard measures against his own party leaders who made statements which acted like fuel to fire, the situation of intolerance would not have reached to this level in the country where more than 70 writers, artists and scientists returned their national awards to protest it. This is the third time that PM Modi has talked about tolerance, pluralism and our unity in diversity. We have to keep them intact. Unity in diversity is our specialty and valued legacy which we have to keep intact at all costs. It is our age-old specialty for which India is known all over the world. Prime Minister may give grandstanding statements and views delineating the importance of our legacies such as unity in diversity, pluralism and tolerance but his lecture did not make any impression on the fringe group within his political party BJP. The BJP leaders have in a planned way allegedly given inflammatory speeches against a section of society and of a particular community after the incidents of Dadri lynching by a mob over the rumour of slaughtering of calf and eating beef and the burning of two Dalit children alive to polarize the society for political benefit in Bihar elections, which were underway. That PM Modi failed to stop. Prime Minister Narendra Modi being the leader of the nation must take the divisionary voices of BJP leaders seriously and act against them immediately. No BJP motor mouths have been punished so far. The productivity and development have come to a standstill under the prevailing circumstance. There appears to be an atmosphere of fear all around the country. It is natural for the people to have very high expectation from the Narendra Modi government. But when the country’s attention is grabbed by divisionary and troublesome statements, the tempo of development is bound to be affected. People have voted overwhelmingly in favour of PM Modi with an expectation that he would bring relief to them in all aspects of life. On the contrary when the people see nothing on the ground in the name of improvement; they are bound to be disillusioned, which has been clearly reflected in the Bihar assembly results where BJP has been decimated. PM Modi has to take stringent action against the BJP motor mouths so that a message could go out in society that he not only speaks in favour of pluralism and diversity but also act against all those whose speech tears the secular fabric of society. When Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power in May 2014 with massive mandate from the people, a new hope arose among them. But in the last 17 months the one tragic incident after another and no relief on price rise front have disillusioned the people with NDA govt. It is not only Economist but also almost all news magazines and news papers of national and international repute wrote highly of him. But only after 17 months, all have started writing stingingly against his government and consider Bihar assembly defeat as the defeat of Prime Minister Modi. So Prime Minster should know that merely taking high moral ground, keeping silent on the burning issues that confront the nation and failing to act against the fringe BJP leaders can not serve any purpose.

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