Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Evolve consensus for constructive session

The winter session of Parliament begins from Nov. 26. The monsoon session has already been sacrificed at the altar of Vyapam and Lalit Modi scandals. The crores of public exchequer were wasted. No problem confronting the nation was discussed and debated to find out the solution. Neither the treasury nor the opposition bench budged from their stated stand, resulting in the total deadlock in Parliament. All democratic norms were thrown to the winds. Some of the important bills necessary for parliamentary approval to carry forward the economic reforms in the country are to be discussed in this winter session. It is necessary for the economy of the nation to be brought on fast track for creation of new jobs for youths. Both the ruling and the opposition know it well. But due to the vested interests of the both for political reasons best known to them, they are not prepared to evolve consensus in Parliament even in the interest of the nation. It is true that the govt. has greater responsibility to run the Parliament smoothly for the development of the country. It does not mean that opposition has no responsibility in running the Parliament. It too should be flexible in the interest of nation and co-operate with the government, especially, on those bills which even the opposition leaders think them necessary to be passed for carrying forward the economic reforms in interest of the people. Govt. should also be receptive to the demands made by the opposition for discussion on the issue confronting the nation. It must also give impression that it is not escapist on any issue raised by the opposition. The most important thing is that the Parliament must not be used to promote certain political agenda by treasury or opposition bench either. Parliament must not be converted into a fish market where no constructive business is possible. With the telecasting of parliamentary proceedings live, some of the ruling and the opposition party MPs deliberately behave in an ugly manner or rush into the well of the house so that they could catch the attention of camera to show them to their constituency members on TV. They do it deliberately at the cost of parliamentary business only to be in the limelight of the media. Parliament is the temple of democracy and the highest seat of debate and discussion of the issues confronting the nation. People elect their representatives to Parliament with the hope and aspiration that they would discuss and debate the issues that they are confronting in rural and urban areas. They do not elect them for creating bedlam and forcing adjournment of Parliament. The time of the Parliament is very precious. It must not be wasted. Both the treasury and the opposition benches must take considered view of the issue sans any party political interest. Nation hopes that this winter session of Parliament will be constructive and fruitful. The bills related to economic development are expected to be passed after thorough debate and discussion. Both the treasury and the opposition benches must set an example before the country that how they work together inside the Parliament in the winter session.

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