Friday, September 4, 2015

Both UPA and NDA remote controlled

Three - day RSS coordination meeting with BJP is going to conclude today. It has been reported that all Ministers of Narendra Modi Cabinet were in attendance at the RSS meeting in Delhi and have given presentation of their functionings before it. Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh (RSS) is a socio-cultural organization and its offshoots have been working in different fields with exemplary dedication. No body doubts its credentials in national service. But it is not a constitutional body to which Modi's ministers have to be accountable. In personal life, they may present before RSS, but as minister he/she is not accountable to it. RSS is also the doting father of BJP. BJP has interpersonal relation all the affiliates of the RSS. They are interdependent on one another. The ministers are to accountable to the PM. However, almost all ministers of Modi Cabinet lined up at RSS meet. RSS is a good organization for the nation but this does not give it a license to review government functioning and ask the entire Cabinet to be present before it. It is also an ideological mentor of the ruling BJP. BJP takes inspiration and dictation from it how to carry out government functioning smoothly from it. Prime Narendra Modi is also likely to address the RSS coordination meeting with BPJ. Modi's Cabinet is not accountable to RSS but the democratically elected Prime Minister Narendra Modi. And PM is accountable to the people. PM Modi has himself been a Swayam Sevak of RSS. He may have special regard for it. But being the Prime Minister, he is only accountable to the people of India, who have elected him. The fact is that RSS has a great influence on BJP and it guides the govt. Without the consent of RSS, Modi-led NDA govt.can not move even a step. PM Modi is also expected to be in attendance at RSS meet. There was an allegation against the UPA govt. that it dare not go forward on its own. The opposition BJP at that time alleged that UPA government was run from 10, Janpath, the official residence of Congress Prsident Sonia Gandhi. It was remote controlled by her. She is the elected member of Lok sabha and President of the ruling Congress party. NAC was constitutionally created body which gave approval to all govt. policies and programmes. RSS is neither a constitutionally created body nor an elected one by the people. So, on the issue of remote control model function, there is no difference between previous UPA and the Narendra Modi-led NDA government. It is also remote controlled by Nagpur, the headquarters of RSS. Giving presentation by the Narendra Modi's Council of Ministers before RSS is unconstitutional. It must stop. RSS may have helped BJP win LS elections and Narendra Modi elect PM, but it has no constitutional sanctity to take account of the BJP govt. at the Centre. It is said that Corporate world also helpled Narendra Modi-led BJP win LS elections but it does not mean that the government would accountable to them.

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