Saturday, November 14, 2015

Unprecedented reception

It was an unprecedented welcome to Prime Minister Narendra Modi by Britishers as well as Indian diasporas at Wembley in London. After the US, Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to UK is hogging the headlines of national and international news papers. Undoubtedly, his visit to almost all foreign countries have been successful barring in our backyard Nepal where despite tumultuous welcome to him, it provides space to China to our annoyance and blames India for blockading the supply of petroleum products like, diesel and LPG and giving support to Madhesis. So, instant media focus on PM’s foreign trips and their wide coverage of the jamboree of Indian diasporas to welcome him on foreign land make no meaning for the nation. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is first to address British Parliament, though it was not in session yet all MPs were in attendance. It is also true that he has put a sense of nationalism among the Indian diasporas living in different countries. The people of Indian origin in the US at Madison Square welcomed Prime Minister Modi very warmly and he with his excellent oratorical quality made them hilarious and infused a sense of help to the country of their origin. The way Prime Minister Narendra Modi was given rousing welcome with red carpet laying all around for him in England, which had ruled on us, is unprecedented. British Prime Minister welcomed PM Modi with open heart and heaped praise on him profusely. He assured him of helping India in its attempt of making Digital India and Skill India a total success. Britishers have been our masters and we have got freedom from them. But we have felt nowhere uneven behavior on the part of either the Queen Elizabeth or British Prime Minister David Camron with Prime Minister Modi. As India has a very big market and it has also immense potential with being the third largest economy, all the western countries prefer to look towards India. Market has been the deciding factor in determining and establishing relation. The down turn in China and economic upward of India have changed the world perception on economic front. India is also an emerging economy and there seems no sign of world-wide economic slump on it. It has resilience to weather off any economic downturn at any point of time. Trade and business have been the main theme of the talk between PM Modi and his British counterpart Camroon. British PM Camron's body language while exhorting the Wembley crowd to welcome PM Modi clearly reflects that he needs Indian market as much as India needs British investment. Despite being a successful Japan, China, US, UK etc. visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and singing of agreements in regard to business, trade and investment with them, nothing is perceptible on the ground. Undoubtedly, PM Modi has raised India's image abroad as foreign countries have realized that India too wants business and it has finally put its feet on the path of economic reforms very strongly. Prime Minister Narendra Modi spent the Friday morning at Chequers where he continued his discussions with his counterpart PM David Cameron.The two leaders took a walk in the compounds of Chequers Court which is the country house retreat of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. It has been the private retreat of the Prime Minister since 1921. The two leaders also planted a sapling to mark the visit.

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