Friday, November 20, 2015

People’s expectation is very high in Bihar from CM Nitish Kumar

Nitish Kumar has been sworn in as the CM of Bihar for the fifth time. The just concluded assembly election was a litmus test for him which he passed with distinction. He led Grand Alliance, which decimated Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led NDA in Bihar. PM Modi, who is not only the most popular leader of BJP but also of the country, was Nitish Kumar's number one rival in the elections. It was the development image that Chief Minister Nitish Kumar achieved in the last 10 years of his regime proved to be extremely beneficial for him in the just concluded assembly elections. It was his development image that crippled all opposition, howsoever formidable it might be. He was the face of Grand Alliance comprising Lalu's RJD, Congress and JD(U) and the opposition NDA comprising BJP, LJP, HAM and Kushwaha's party. NDA was led by PM Modi and the Grand Alliance was led by CM Nitish Kumar. Despite addressing a number of mammoth rallies, PM Modi did not make much impression on the people of Bihar to vote NDA. The development oriented CM Nitish Kumar became able to impress on the people that he would work for the development of the state with doubly force if re-elected to power. The people of Bihar reposed faith in him and voted his grand Alliance to power with overwhelming majority. This is the third time in a row that the people of the state recognized his vision, development-oriented policies and programmes. CM Nitish Kumar is counted among the honest political leaders of the country. Despite being Chief Minister of the state for nearly about 9 years, no charge of corruption has been leveled against him even by the opposition party. He has an unblemished political career. He has not only been a successful CM of Bihar but also a shrewd politician to make a winning strategy. He is also well-educated and engineer-turned politician. Now Nitish Kumar govt. has been formed, and his opposition propagated during the campaigning of assembly elections that if GA came to power, its govt. under Nitish Kumar would be remote controlled by RJD boss Lalu Prasad Yadav. Opposition propagated that in the Nitish-led GA govt. in Bihar, there may be Lalu's two sons in his Cabinet as ministers. And they would place hurdles in Nitish's development programmes and act for their political agenda as the opposition thinks. But the opposition must know that first of all it is 2015 and not 90s and it is Nitish Kumar not Rabri Devi who was allegedly remote controlled by Lalu Yadav . It is CM Nitish Kumar who always stood for a principled politics and good governance. Lalu Yadav has also realized that the massive mandate that the GA got is because of the development-oriented face of CM Nitish Kumar. It is correct that Lalu's RJD as emerged as the largest political party in the state but it is at the same time appropriate to say that on the issue of development, clean, good governance and rule of law, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar can not compromise. Development, clean,good governance and rule of law are much more endeared to CM Nitish Kumar than power. People have a very high expectation from his government in this stint. CM Kumar would have to work hard to come up to people's expectation. The people of Bihar also pitch forked CM Nitish Kumar on the national politics and there is all possibility that Kumar may emerge as the rallying point of all political leaders who are opposed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. If the presence of a number of CMs and national political leaders of different parties at his today’s swearing-in ceremony, Nitish Kumar is sure to emerge as a strong contender to power of Delhi in 2019.

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