Thursday, April 15, 2010

Evolve unanimity over Maoist issue

Though the Congress Party has promptly reprimanded its General Secretary Digvijay Singh for airing differing views in public with Home Minister P Chidambram on the issue of tackling naxal insurgency, Singh has raised vital aberration in HM’s handling of the situation. Neither Maoist insurgency is a law and order problem nor could it be dealt with agression. The problem virtually is a socio-economic and it should be dealt with that perspectives. Congress Party General Secretary has delineated his point of views how to tackle naxal insurgency very finely which totally differs with Home Minister approach of using agression to crush it. It is not good that the ruling Congress party is divided on the burning issue of the day, though the Home Minister has full backing of the party as it was clearly reflected in the rejection of his resignation in the wake of Dantewada massacre of 76 CRPF personnel by Maoist insurgents. Though Chidambram is the most sincere Home Minister in UPA government and he has been delivering since he was appointed Home Minister, he is no doubt intellectually arrogant, which is evident in launching Green-Hunt operation to clear the jungles of naxals. But he must understand that all tribal population is not maoist and force can be used against maoist insurgents only, that can be only possible through encouraging the general tribal population of the country in government’s development programmes. In the prevailing naxal insurgency, Digvijay Singh is absolutely right when he says through his newspaper article that the participation of tribals in government’s development programmes for them is a must and HM is intellectually arrogant and rigid . When the ruling party is itself divided over government policies to deal with naxal insugency, what to talk of opposition. However, the main opposition BJP has shown co-operation and suported the government on this most vital national problem. It is the urgent need of the country that the ruling coalition of UPA must show unanimity to wipe out the enemy of humanity - the maoist insurgents. And Maoist problem can only be solved by undertaking development and starting talks and not by only the absolute use of force.

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