Saturday, April 24, 2010

Issue of Indo-Pak bilateral talk

Though Foreign Secretary Nirupma Rao has said that
there is no bilateral meeting scheduled between Prime
Minister Manmohan Singh and his Pakistan counterpart
Yusuf Raza Gilani , India’s previous attitude despite
Pakistan’s repeated reluctance to address its
concerns about terrorism, that is being sponsored
from across the border, is to be taken in view there
is every possibility of bilater talks between the two
neighbours on the sidelines of Saarc meeting in
Bhutan next week. Talks between the two are good but at the same time
it must be result-oriented in a positive way. India
has sent dossiers after dossiers to Pakistan to act
against those involved in Mumbai attacks but it has
never been seriously taken up from the other side and
always defend them about the innocence of the
accused. One thing that makes the possibility of
starting bilateral talks is also the American
pressure that is being put on both India and
Pakistan. Because the US wants both the countries to
be always involved in talks to avoid any ugly
incident of terror. The matter of the fact is that the democratic regime
of Pakistan is so weak that it can not rein in Jehadi
elements who have full backing of their military
establishment and ISI. This has been the tradition
of Pakistan since its inception. Until and unless the
democracy in the country is strengthened, terror
elements would continue to act against India from the
soil of Pakistan. When Rao during her press conference herself has
expressed her view that there has been no change in
the perception of Pakistan and it failed deliberately
to act even after handing over three more dossiers
handed over to it during the Foreign Secretary
meeting of the two neighbours, why does she talks of
no scheduled bilateral meeting?The US is always trying to get entangled both the
countries in bilateral talks, no matter whether it
yields result or not so that it may not be
embarrassed to decide to go with which country if
ever any tension develops as it tries to keep both
in good humour.Every one in India knows that the talks are useful in
establishing friendly relations between the two
neighbours and common people of both the countries
are in favour of peace and development of the
country. But the Pakistani military establish, ISI
and Jehadi elements in Pakistan deliberately create
tension by carrying out terror acts in India. They
are bent on destablising India by desturbing its
secular fabric through continuing acts of terror. In
the given circumstances even if Indo- Pak bilateral
talk takes place , it can not be fruitful as the
outcome of several bilateral talks is before us. Pakistan has pledged umpteen times to rein in terror
elements operating against India from its soil but
has never kept them.But to score diplomatic points
over Pakistan, India must not be rigid for bilateral
talk if it gets the offer.

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