Thursday, April 8, 2010

Open challenge to state

This is the worst-ever display of butchery and mayhem of innocent CRPF personnel in the jungle of Chaththisgarh by the enemy of the nation.Maoist rebels killed at least 75 Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel by setting off explosives and firing from hilltops around dense forest in Chhattisgarh.This is the naked challenge to state by Maoists and total failure of intelligence machinery of the country. The intelligence agencies of both state and the Centre had even not got any scent of this worst massacre in advance, when the nation is under threat from them.Only a day before the worst ever-tragedy carried out by Maoists in Chaththishgarh, the Union Home minister is reported to have described them as the country’s biggest enemies. He had also visited Midnapur in West Bengal two-three days ago where in February last this year 25 security personnel were killed by Maoists.As maoism is the biggest threat to the country and it is becoming unbridled and wants to grab the power from barrel of the gun completely in line with the belief of Chinese leader Mau Tsung even in democracy of 21th century in India. Though they are day-dreaming, their dream must be broken to pieces urgently through brute force of our nation's brave armed forces.Maoists are feeling encouraged only because of unprepared security establishment and the lack of political will in our government.It is not that all the demands of Maoists are ingenuine but their resorting to sheer violence is completely unacceptable and they desrve to be crushed ruthlessly. The problem of maoism has become so vicious and violent as if maoists are waging war against their own nation. They deserve to be given befitting reply in the same coin and fight them to finish. But what lacks the successive government at the Centre is strong resolve and failure to understand the magnitude of the problem.Maoists must be taught a lesson so that they could dare not rise in arms against the state. At the same time, the state and the central government must implement various development projects in the naxal and tribal dominated areas. Because mostly in these areas people are living in abject poverty, resulting in their feeling of alienation and neglect from the state. Though several crores of rupees have been allocated for this purpose, it is generally seen that neither they are properly spent nor are the authorities concerned sincere to the development of under-privileged and uncared. Development and security preparations must go side by side with all sincerity to fight out maoists urgently. Maoist problem is no less serious than the problem of terrorism. One is internal and the other is external threat to the nation.Take firm resolve and fight maoists to finish.

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