Thursday, April 29, 2010

Callous negligence in DU lab

With the origin of the Cobalt- 60 established and reflected clearly that how callously the so dangerous sustance was lying in the Department of Chemistry unused for the last 25 years and sold through auction without taking into consideration its implications if lapses were committed due to ignorance of its effect the scrap dealer of west Delhi in Mayapuri, it is now the responsibility of the Delhi government to take preventive measures against radiation in future. The ridiculous thing is that all this was done by none other than the organisation known for using Cobalt - 60 very carefully by the experts of the members of Chemistry department of Delhi university. Though the Vice-Chancellor Deepak Dental has taken moral responsibility of the radiation, DU must make thorough inquiry about how it took place and why it was lying unused for so long a time uncared. It must ensure that such types of incident may not recur in future. The impact of the radiation of Cobalt - 60 is so deadly that in absence of treating the desease caused by exposure to it for the lack of expertise in government hospitals make the incident horrible.The origin of radioactive Cobalt-60 found in west Delhi’s Mayapuri, which led to the death of one person, has been traced to Delhi University’s Chemistry Department where it was lying unused since the last 25 years. The Cobalt-60 was in a Gamma Irradiator, which was bought in 1968 from Canada The scrap dealers dismantled the equipment and in the process, the lead covering on it was pealed off leading to radiation exposure.The equipment was in use till 1985 and after that it was lying in a room unused. Govt has rightly decided to train doctors in treatment of radiation cases. It is good that in the wake of radiation at a scrapyard, Delhi Government has decided to chalk out a programme in consultation with National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) to train its doctors for such emergencies.Health Minister has assured that the Delhi Government hospitals would be trained to treat patients affected by nuclear, biological, chemical or radioactive material.It has also decided to set up an isolated ward at a city hospital to offer treatment in such cases.Govt. must follow the guidelines and recommendations of NDMA to meet the challenges of any such incidents.If the the Delhi Health Minister is to believed, the government is highly concerned about the incident of radiation leak and will put its best effort to ensure that no such incident happen in future.The radiation, which has taken life of one man, if not checked in future and the Delhi Government and Delhi University continued to be casual and callously negligent in keeping Cobalt- 60, it may lead to catstrophe in the national capital Delhi.

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