Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Celebrities' private life in public domain

Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik are sportspersons of international stature of India and Pakistan respectively. One is a Tennis and the other is a cricket star. Both are celebrities. So, even their private life becomes the interest of the public. That is why it is in public domain. They are not ordinary sportspersons that Media would ignore to highlight their activities even if they are of purely private nature. Media is doing only its job of making the countrymen aware of their activities. Neither it is pre-judging nor peeping into their private life un-called for. A few days ago, the Indian Tennis ace Sania Mirza annouced that she was going to marry Shoaib Malik a veteran cricket player and former captain of Pakistani Team. Soon after her announcement of marriage, it turned out to be a major controversy, with the disclosure of a Hyderabad girl Ayesha Siddiqi that Shoaib Malik had married her and in support of her claim she also produced Nikahnama duly singned by both Shoib and herself and two witness, though he denied at first and later said that his sinature was forged. Ayesha also lodged FIR with police against Shoaib, harrassment, coercion and breaking of contract of marriage. In the given circumstances, it is natural for Sania- Ayesha- Shoaib marriage controversy to come in public domain and more so when there are involvement of two neighbours and arch rivals India and Pakistan in it. The people of both the countries have became curious to know the truth Ayesha-Shoaib marriage episode. Ayesha also claimed that she had lived with Shoaib together in a Hyderabad Hotel for a few days also. She also said that she had miscarriage. On the other hand after the flip-flop at first, Shoaib Malik has reportedly confessed that the Nikahnama was conducted on telephone, and he is the victim of mistaken identity that he was not shown the photo of this Ayesha who claims to have married him. The police have interrogated and impounded his Passport and he has been asked to stay in Hyderabad till the investigation is completed. As they are celebrities, media cover their marriage controversy minutely and extensively. As far as investigation is concerned, it is for police to do but the media has also responsibility to paint before the public the true picture of the controversy. Who is right or wrong is to be decided by the court of law. But at first glance Shoaib’s marriage episode with Ayesha appears full confusion and contracdiction. If any one asks Shoaib why does he say that his signature on the Nikahnama is forged and she not that Ayesha whose photo he was shown before at this point of time when Ayesha has claimed that Shoaib married her , what will be his answer? That Media tries to know from Shoaib. It can not pre-judge as delivering judgement is the job of court of law. Sania Mirza has already announced the date of her nupital with Shoaib Malik. But one thing is cerytain that untill and unless he comes clean on Ayesha cjarges and the court of law permits him to marry Sania, he can not not marry her.

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