Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cut motion defeated, but not the issue

As was expected, the cut motion was defeated by a massive margin courtesy to the alleged deal with UP Chief Minister and BSP supremo who extended support to the UPA government on the issue. The cut motion was sponsored by the main opposition BJP-led National Democratic Alliance and the Left against the government on the issue of sky-rocketing price of essential commodities and the excessive hike in the price of petroleum products. The opposition leader Sushma Swaraj and CPI MP Gurudas Das Guptpa move the cut motion in Lok Sabha on price rise of all commodities and fertilizers, which was defeated by a massive margin. If the cut motion was passed in the Lok Sabha, the UPA government would have been to resign. But the opposition must have thought that Congress-led UPA would at no cost let its act of Giridhar Gomango repeated by the opponents who tried to do with Jharkhand CM Sibu Soren, who made the U-Turn by going with the UPA government in Lok Sabha despite the fact that he was heading JMM-BJP coalition government. The a day after the voting on cut motion, BJP withdrew support to Soren govt. in Jharkhand.It clearly reflects that the Congress party has got mastery in floor management and smoothly arranging to thwart any attempt to topple the government in the House as far as the number game is concerned. It has already acted the role of master juggler in the art of numbers in the past also. Though by defeating the cut motion the UPA has assured the nation and the world alike that the government is stable, which is a good sign in the given situation of economic revival after the worldwide economic slump, the sky-rocketing price of all commodities, especially the food items is alarming and that must be halted. The back breaking price rise is hurting all economic categories of soceity and the poor are badly hit. So the UPA government must not celebrate the victory in Lok Sabha and its top priority must be to address the issue of price rise. If it fails to act before the situation goes out of hand, it is bound to get befitting reply from the people of the country in next general elections. UPA govt. has defeated the cut motion by a massive margin as 246 MPs voted against it and 162 voted in favour with SP and RJD MPs abstaining from voting. The opposition National Democratic Alliance (NDA) and the Left parties moved cut motions in the Lok Sabha against the Budget proposals to hike prices of fuels and fertilisers but the govt. comfortably passed the test of strength.

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