Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Obama's assurance to Manmohan

Now only India has to follow the US and the US is to follow Pakistan if President Obama delivers on the assurances to it about allowing its access to David Coleman Headley, LeT operative and one of the prime accused of Mumbai attack and reining in Pak to stop promoting terrorism in India. Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh has clearly conveyed India’s concern over terrorism to US President Barack Hussain Obamathat, which is emanating from Pakistan and its inaction in bringing the perpetrators of Mumbai attacks to justice to in his 45 minutes talk with him at Blair House in Washington. Normally prime minister appears to be soft towards western powers, especially the US, but on the issue of terrorism, which is being sponsored by Pakistan against India, and of access to the LeT operative and one of the masterminds of Mumbai attacks David Coleman Headley, he got tough and clearly sent India's serious concerns across the table. It is satisfying that President Obama shared India’s concern and assured PM of extending all help in bringing the perpetrators of 26/11 to justice and allowing India direct access to Healey, who is presently in US custody. On the issue of supplying arms to Pakistan, President Obama said that the US was constantly monitoring its use by Pakistan. As far as the issue of India re-starting composite dialogue is concerned, the US as well as the world knows why India stopped it. India stopped it just after the Mumbai attacks and has decided not to re-start unless and untill Pakistan acts against the perpetrators. Not only the US President Obama but also the entire international community is seriously concerned over the terror being operated by Let , Jaish-e-Mohammad and other outfits from the soil of Pakistan. India is itself seriuos of establishing a friendly and good neighbourly relations with Pakistan. But whenever it extended the hands of friendship, they were met with increased terror activities with the full backing of Pakistani military establishment and its notorious ISI. Democratic government there is spineless and can not stand to military. That should be taken into account by the all western powers, especially the US. India wants to see developed and prosperious Pakistan and the US must always monitor not only the arms it supplies it but also pumping the billion of dollars at regular interval. US undoubtedly is its mentor and once it got tough with Pakistan, every ill there would be removed.Noting that shared Singh’s vision for South Asia, Obama said he understands India’s interest in Afghanistan and recognises its role. He expressed support to India’s continued assistance programme in Afghanistan. But has misrably failed to explain why the US sidelined India's role in Afghanistan. President kept mum on this issue. As regards Indo-US counter-terrorism cooperation, the US was working through legal systems for provision of access to Headley. President Obama is supportive of India’s request for provision of access.On the front of US military supplies, it is sensitive to these worries and it is satisfying to know it that it would monitor the end use of the material given.The US President wants the Civil Nuclear Liability Bill be passed by Parliament as expeditiously as possible. It is also a matter of concern for India that why the US sidelined its role in Afghanistan, matter of the fact is that it has played a vital role in the re-construction of Pakistan.

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