Monday, April 19, 2010

Cong takes moral high ground on Tharoor-IPL issue

Congress has taken high moral ground on the issue of Union Minister of State for External Affairs Shashi Tharoor for his alleged involvement in Indian Premier League controversy by showing him the door as it did with its senior leader and Ex-Foreign Minister Natwar Singh over Iraq Oil for Food scandal to maintain probity in public life and uphold the moral values in politics, which have deteriorated alarmingly in recent days. As Parliament is in session and the opposition demanded nothing short of Tharoor’s head over his alleged involvement in week-long IPL controversy over newly formed Kochi team, the Congress party rightly impressed upon the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to seek Tharoor’s ouster to cool down opposition’s heat to run the House as several important bills are to be approved by it. The united opposition stalled the Parliament and did not allow to speak Tharoor to defend himself against their allegation that he influenced by using his office for stake-holding in Kochi IPL team for his girl friend Sunanda Pushkar. The way his friend Sunanda was given equity share of Rs. 70 crore by Redevenzous Sports in IPL Kochi team smacked of some malpractices. The Congress Party President and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi’s stance since she joined politics has been upholding moral values and maintaining probity in public life in politics and she never ignored shoddy affair wherever it appeared in the organisation as well as government.Before the IPL controversy Tharoor had tweeted several times, causing embarrassment to the party and now it was enough to him the door.Sonia Gandhi gave only five minutes to Tharoor present his case during his meeting before the arrival of PM and after that it appeared certain that he would have to go despite his own denial to resign and brilliant academic and foreign service record. Ultimately, the entire top brass of the Congress party, including Finance minister Pranab Mukherjee was for removal of Tharoor to avoid the clash with opposition in the House, leading to its stalling during the most important period for the government. Government has assured the nation that no wrong doers will be left to go unpunished. Here on the issue of taking high moral ground in politics, the ruling Congress party has scored over the main opposition BJP as they have miserable failed to act against the mal-practicenor withing the party and in the state where they are in power. BJP also must rise to the occasion and look into Bellary brothers episode in Karnataka. The deneration has set in political class so deeply that honesty and integrity have no longer any consideration for politicians.

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