Monday, May 3, 2010

Raja under scanner over 2G Spectrum

The role of Union Minister for Communications is under scanner in 2G Spectrum allocation. The way it has been allocated smack of corruption and irregularities. Though the issue of corruption has become a matter of routine affairs among political leaders these days in our country, the BJP-led NDA is demanding the that the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh must make the statement over 2G Spectrum allocation in which the Union Minister for Communications A Raja’s is under scanner.
Opposition alleges that it is one of the biggest scams in recent years. Though earlier PM had rejected the demand of the resignation of Raja, the opposition stalled the Parliament and appeared to be adamant on the clarifications of Minister’s role in the allocation by the prime minister.
Congress-led UPA government is bound by the dharma of coalition. DMK is one of its largest alliance partners and its boss and CM of Tamil Nadu M. Karunanidhi has also virtually rejected the Opposition demand for Telecom Minister A. Raja’s resignation over the 2G spectrum scam.
Raja is accused of causing a huge loss to the exchequer by selling 2G spectrum on a ‘first come first served’ basis, instead of auctioning it to the highest bidder.
The question here arises, is it coalition dharma also to ignore the issue of corruption in the government by the prime minister? Union Minister A Raja is from DMK quota in the Council of Ministers and he is the face scheduled caste in DMK in Tamil Nadu and is reportedly to be very close to TN CM M Karnanidhi. That why the PM can not act on the issue in such a way that would go against the wishes of DMK boss.And one thing is also certain that without the consent of DMK supremo, PM can not ask A Raja to resign and get his name cleared of the 2G Spectrum scam.
But as far as the issue of corruption is concerned, the PM must take his own way to remove it as the the allegation is made directly against the government and not its coalition partner.
If the mood of the opposition is any thing to go by, the rest of the days of Parliament is most likely to be rocked over 2G Spectrum allocation.It appears that this Congress-led UPA Government has forgotten the rocking of Parliament 14 years back over the Telecom scam for days during the Narsimha Rao-led Congress government, and Sukhram was the Telecommunications minister.
If ever any suspicion of corruption arises in any department, the head of the government must come forward to explain the matter and he must not be guided by his coalition partner in the government. Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh is known for his honesty and integrity. To uphold his clean image, he must make statement in Parliament over the alleged role of his minister for Communications in 2G Spectrum allocation.

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